If your father is poor it’s your fate, but if your father –in- law is poor it’s your stupidity.

This is from somewhere I cannot remember but the underlying truth is you are not gonna be poor forever; there ought to be something you can do about it! Not really a flight of things, but simply go back in time where even the anthropologist can’t get. When you were being destined, you were equipped and designed to live a life free and in abundance; in riches and in a land that’s flowing with milk and honey. This, nobody can take it from you; not even the big brother country! If you don’t have it, I bet it’s you who gave it away!

You are responsible for the poverty you’re in. Each of you are deliberately thinking poverty; if you deny it and cloak with “I am only thinking of making money all the time”–  pause and ask a simple ‘Why’… Of all the research done in the world the answer to this is summed up as “I’m always thinking of making money so that I never run out of it and be poor.” Clearly what’s driving poverty is the fear of being in poverty. Remember Rumi’s ‘What you are seeking is constantly seeking you’. This is a “make believe” game played with conviction. Poverty is only a set up. Don’t hype it, don’t focus on it!

Energy grows where energy goes. Focus on making so much money and then give away the excess to those who are unaware that poverty exists nowhere but in them; in doing that, you are playing your part in the universal truth- Everything is connected; you could be an answer to somebody’s prayer.

Move in your mind, from a lie of slavery to the truth of abundance.

Look for mysterious opening, they would look like an illusion but that’s your call for reality and in reality you are never poor. The doors opening could be a bizarre phone call, an urge to risk or even some strange visitors. What blurs these mysterious doors is poverty in your thinking. Break your traditional thinking and these doors will reappear in the most unusual way because the universe is trying really hard that you be what you are meant to be.

You got royalty inside your DNA! What is stopping you is your degree of acceptance, take off the limits, deny poverty and know that it’s never enough!

Shut those fat books, big views and bold graphs…

‘Coz answer to that politically eternal question HOW TO ERADICATE POVERTY is to SIMPLY THINK RICH!