Our Story…

Baby, your story is never for you!

River don’t drink from its water, Sun don’t shine for itself. Your story is for the world to know that sometimes  life’s best inspirations come wrapped in sand paper…



What happens if I decide to design my next best season. BEST SEASON Chapter one- I am my 911”  She thought at 01.06am

This was the thought that came to her when she was holding herself hostage to all her past decisions. So to say she was at her rock bottom and she fell really hard, not one cup cake! but what made her twinkle thinking of her next best season was a face book message that read “I’m not done with you yet!” Screenshot it silently, lest she disturbs the one beside her.

That night she knew it in her stillness was her power to soar and that she is to step into her destiny. She knew this was not where she belonged but she couldn’t share her vision with anybody because that was only given to her not to anybody else.

She gave a call to her sister immediately after she got to work the next day. “I’m not taking those shoes back, I’m coming back soon!”

Nay she didn’t have a plan but what she sure knew was her heavens telling her “I’m not done with you yet” Thank God heavens ain’t humans, they don’t lie!

She had everything she needed for her trusted world to come crashing down and she didn’t want to think about her grey truth while she was at work! She loved people at her work, everyone of them. Of them was one, who taught her self-worth. That bonding was purposeful. Those people were her only solace! Thank God for her 10 hours shift! This meant 10 hours of happy thinking! And between this and that if she ever felt a cringe of her reality; dialed the most dialed number –Tina her lifeline!

And everyday months began to happen. They felt really long. There were times when her heart would beat fast thinking ‘How am I gonna stay like this forever.’ She was sick and tired of her own story, ‘Is this for what I spent my 9 years for…’

Fear drenched inside her bones thinking of those hands that paralyzed her vocal chords to an extent that she ran out of her breath. She froze thinking how could she be with the unforgivable.The hair at the back of her neck often stood up and she felt the fumes exceeding her nose, It felt like her chest was gonna pop and she’d so something that she’d regret forever…

How can she trust that this was not her end, how can she get up and get her act together as she did before.. For 1 year every day was just another day battling to ward off her reality because she was slipping into depression, she didn’t know how, but as much as she pretended to be happy her inside was rotting up! She could not afford to lose her because of the seed that was planted in her heart. I am not done with you yet. If she wouldn’t teach how she is to be treated, he would. So she began changing her reality in her mind.

I watched her from afar  when she was called out from her work campus. She jumped and laughed in gratitude on looking at her sister and her cousins. She didn’t see them in a very long time even when they lived in the same zipcode. That is what you call a surprise. She hadn’t seen them in 4 months. I never saw her smile shine so much. She loved her family.She thought of how happy it was in her family,she used to have so much laughter, so much noise, so much clamoring in her house. Her sister did every little to keep her happy. She thought of her life in general, schooling days in Muscat, college in Bangalore, Her grandfather, her fire to be famous!

A sigh!

It is true when you don’t give up no matter how ugly the situation is, you will attract a way to part the troubled sea and she felt like Moses! He struck her over and over until that ugliness overshadowed her, every time she would think to rise, she would be reminded of her nothingness. Until that evening that she could no more pretend, and that one hour conversation with her colleague was the beginning of her heavenly promise coming to pass.

She thought and wrote. Thought and wrote and wrote to her parents of her marriage failing but still unsure if that would pave way to her rescue.

“Someday one phone call and I would be free”.  This she felt strongly and 6 months after, twas Tina’s call, she only said ” take it easy, just listen, don’t react. Its all coming to an end.” She said mum and daddy will come and that she only needed to wait!

Her sigh was the beginning of rising from her ashes…


After he left Muscat, his life till junior high was going pretty amazing but after high school he couldn’t bear the fact that he had to go back home(Muscat). He had never felt and experienced freedom of that kind before. He was exposed to a whole different world back in the hill station. There was no way he wanted to go back after learning about this new world but he had no choice. That ate him up inside.

When he got back home, those 6 months were madness. He felt restless and as if nurtured a prisoner. His mind was not stable at all. He was not living but just surviving and breathing felt possible. With all these things going on he kept doing crazy stuff. He deleted all his memories from back there and just shaved of his hair. He was just looking for closure and a way to find peace in his mind no matter what. Gosh those days were insane!!

Listening to his favorite rapper then, the best motivation he had and support that kept him sane. Shoutout Marshal!!!

Just a few months now and then was time for a new beginning. Lost in thoughts of how this new one will be and in between days like these, his dad said to him “I can’t go for the trip. Why don’t you go for it instead? It will be amazing before starting new again”.

Hesitant. Fastforward just like that while he was sitting at the window seat and waiting for the take off, he was excited to experience this land so much spoken of in the Scriptures. Israel.

No expectations but, daamn for the first time freedom and hope just kicked in after sipping on some Australian. Soon he was there. Like OMG!! Nothing like what he had imagined it to be. Something stirred up and suddenly he urged to know more about the place, to interact with people and talk to his three friends he had just met at the airport. Yahshua and His great redemption story; so much to retrospect and so many life experiences to listen. That trip was that moment in time where new understanding entered his mind in all aspects. An amazing trip! He understood one thing-travelling random, pumps up so much of motivation, positivity and learning.

After he was back, his new phase was college. Daamn, it was good!! Yea, he was a BIG kid. Like super lit. Young and wild and free. Music was his fuel and that need to be socially accepted didn’t bother him at all; because chuck that “you got them today, you gonna have them tomorrow. Real niggas stick through all“. Life for him was on a whole new chill. A big shoutout Route 66…haha xD.

Shuffling between parties and gatherings, he found his new self within and hell yeah he loved him!! And then was his very own Central Perk in the form of Laiyali; Orange mint and dew, puffing away the day’s stress, catching up on each other or just watching the derby or el classico, not all by himself; sometimes he would just be waiting for his Niggas and thinking of his life in the hill station, where he did his junior high school.

That place was beauty in itself!  Weirdly even before getting there he visualized him at that place already! Now this is truth, stranger than fiction. Yeah, like shit bro, I know right!!  Best way to experience it fully was to just go out on your own and meet random and amazing hippies. OMG, those people!!!

Most of them just quit their jobs or just come for a month or two to refresh their minds. And while passing the bud and taking a deep puff of the heavenly herb, so much wisdom just sank in listening to all their unique beautiful experiences and stories. Even to this day he cherishes those moments and talks that connected him to his inner self. Aaah, the chills. “That’s some deep stuff nigga”, was the thought in his head when he got back to the orange mint and saw the red devils score, yaay!

“You can’t do this your whole life; look at your own mates, all set and working”. This was the daily rant at home he heard, while gaming with his group online.

Sometimes the only thing you need is freedom, if that wasn’t given easily you turn out to be a rebel and so he became one. No matter what he would just want to do what he wished for. For him what he thought was right and no one could stop him. His family tried their best but that would just backfire and worsen things at home and lead to daily arguments and fights. There were times he used to wish he was just alone and not have a family. Twas’ much later he knew their worth and love!!

That was that, but soon he did what he loved the most –into the travel industry. Finally, some real niggas in his life.

Shoutout boob bro (like daamn yes it is possible to have a girl as your bro!), his whiteboy and his shorty foo!!!  Boob bro got him sorted with his first job!! After listening to her advice on not to keep waiting for the ‘perfect job’ but keep learning new things, he knew that’s what he had to do. Whiteboy and him shared a nice bro-code!! Music was their connection, the jams, the performances and the random recording sessions was just mere beauty on a rhythmic level. Shorty foo, his so like elder brother, always guiding and being there in no matter what he did. Sharing his own experiences in life, foo taught him one thing; ‘Everyone goes through a phase of wrongs and it is completely normal to fuck up in life, coz thats how you learn, learn from mistakes and become a better person

So much love and advises and at the same time! Till the end of all, they gonna be fam! “Coz when you die, you cannot take it with you…..don’t worry bou’ my niggas coz I got them”. Shoutout Fetty!! This was his anthem and is till day.

It wasn’t all smooth like Hennesey!! He had his ups and downs and fuck ups. Some fuck ups real bad. During all these moments of him growing up, he had his share of relationships too. His relations were  100% as long as he was in it. May be it wasn’t meant to be and they all ended in heartbreaks. He was way too confused about his relationships.

He never sank into it, he spared himself of all the drama and re-tuned to Joey, Barney and Charlie, his role models!! He learned quite a lot about women from them and he got that pretty clear in his head. There wasn’t anything wrong in liking women and if you ain’t interested in a relationship then there is nothing wrong in being a player!! He had one rule and only one. Never hurt any woman just for your needs, be open about it and honest on what you want. Like woaah, women actually like that!!! And he was pretty happy with how his social life was, it was LEGEN….wait for it….DARY!!!!!

You gotta know man, “no matter what, these your niggas and they be there through all! Bless up!” that was his last thought when he just left one day, away from what was home!

Visa problem and had to exit the country.

Try giving a kid his favorite toy and then after a week take it away. Man, that hurt more than when the Dee O double G went all lion. (smh). Well thats that, onto the next one. “Lets land here and see what life throws at you this time”, his thoughts again sitting next to the window travelling to India; this time Bangalore! and again sipping on some Australian. Woaah, deja vu? And with that he knew, it’s all gonna lit and smooth.


What I really like about her is she never settled to her situation. She knows that she owes! She would constantly race towards abstract. Don’t know if that even made any sense but whenever she drove to work she would hear her human spirit saying, “all that you see is mayaa, you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free”. Twas only like a speck, very feeble not a chatter that would run in her head all day, however in her stillness she would think of what was said and she would keep it as a ball of light in her solar plexus. Mindfully not in the heart because sometimes we tend to pour our hearts, she could not afford to spill this.

Soon her parents understood that she wasn’t okay after of course the long overdue email that she sent to them on her colleague’s advice and more importantly of the dark nights that she shared with Tina.

In her waiting she tried a lot of things that would keep her occupied, she tried writing, she did some extras. Extras worked however her writing wasn’t getting anywhere.

And even before anything her parents took her away to where she belonged close to her family. “I told you, I’ll be home soon” she laughed with teary eyes hugging Tina.

“Whatever happened, might have been a nightmare, only think this was all in flow

And now you need to let go.                                                                   

Whatever happened, deal with it like it never happened and now you fly

And mummy and I be your wings as long as we can…                                                               

Eventually you will find where you need to belong, it is the laws nature

For every girl, is a man.                                                                             

You will find yours in your season and your best is yet to come.                                             

Until then set your wings to soar”

The most loving talk her father had with her while her mother was her pillar of faith, she spoke life into her future and pumped the best assurance and lit what was lost in her. I watched her heart tender and fiber cell transform; twas just time now that I give her the second heavenly promise.

“Be prepared. You are far more capable of doing things than you could ever imagine.” “Don’t worry about the money”

She smiled. Didn’t know what it contained but hopeful about stepping into her greatness. She is very private by nature but facebook was dear!

She began to go out often, with her cousins, with her sister, to the resorts, for lunch dates, long drives, shopping, to the salon to enhance what already is and what looked bones now became flesh. She began to actually do things she rarely did. Randomness became an imperative part of her.

One night Tina and her decided that they go long long drive. 120kms in the night with of course Tina’s friend and cousins! But he didn’t show up…perhaps twas not yet and so the rest of them carried on! She was happy in a very long time now and seemed content.

She started learning stranger things, parallel Universe, quantum physics, string theory, vibrations and limitless. Up until 3.00am every day. She was fascinated and knowing was her new high!

Coming home was only half victory, the remaining came with clearing off the marriage legalities. Life’s best lessons sometimes come wrapped in sticky ugly sand paper, scars and bruises and she was up for it because along with her heavenly promises, she now had warm milk and cookies. Her FAMILY!



Now, when you come to your homeland, you’d expect a nice warm and coming home type feeling; but naah, it was ages since he had a whiff of the air there and what really was home, was home no more. Luckily he had his high school nigga with him, so with her he sorted his stay for a few weeks. Always grateful to Debb!!

A complete new place, he started meeting some real niggas. Some good times Pri!! Learning about how shit goes down in this town. This place so much to offer. The social life here was lit as fuck! What we call life in a fast lane.

It didn’t take much time for him to get used to this new change! After trying a tid bid here and there, he landed a job for himself.he made a forture- yup, it was travel industry again.What was to be retrospected is no matter how worse your situation is, even if it is being homeless where he had to be with Debbie; when it is your time, baby nothing can stop it; it gets inevitable! And so with his new job he found a new place. He moved from Debbie’s place; moved to a whole new location, pretty close to work and that area flooded and like literally flooded with pubs and clubs.

After long he had this free flowing spirit feeling. And work life was going good and taught him so much about the travel market in this country.
Forget work, life was on a chill!! Partying like theres’ no tomorrow, this unending flow of spirit and herb and the fine honeys’, God damn, a nigga could get used to this. But nah that wasn’t how this was ‘meant to be’. No matter how happy you are and get attached to a certain lifestyle, you got to be prepared to let go of it too. And yeah that’s what happened. He was at a point where he had to take certain decisions, he was made an offer that he dare refused; ahead of him was a designation, travel and a lot of money.Something stirred up his heart, he wasn’t for it so he just had to let that chapter close.

Shuffling between job search yet again, was like “Hello, Deja vu “. like how some people find love in the least expected place, he found himself a job! He met the guy at a pub, got interviewed and the next day he had a job! I mean how much more random can it get.

The beauty in life sometimes is in its uncertainty and randomness. A whole new way of living and new people again! But there was a shift, like paradigm shift, from having his favorite hookah and beer almost everyday in Muscat to now, where there is struggle to get by the month and paying the bills. Life has a weird way of teaching you lessons, you better learn your lessons well lest it ends repetitive.

The best part of all is, everything in life is just a phase. Even he didn’t know that this was just temporary and a beautiful and new chapter was going to unfold for him. But looking back at this whole journey of not even a year with all highs and lows, he never had any regrets.



With loud music, windows all up with goggles on she left to work driving her Grandpa’s blue car! No no that ain’t swag! That’s a shield she developed to protect her confidence.

I was taken aback by the lessons she was learning, she was resolving to be happy and in doing so she understood that her human spirit was greater than the situation that she was in, her human spirit was unavailable to any of the blame game, her human spirit was unavailable to all the labels that the world would give. Her human spirit was simply gearing up to limitless. In her heart it wasn’t that she was not scared, oh her fear would stain every ounce of her being, despite all of it, she was grateful that this is not going to freeze. All of this, with the clamoring of her legal spat, right in the middle of her biggest discomfort.

And all of a sudden she jammed her breaks, she was marveled at what she saw, she saw eagle that came so low. Deep breath and continued her way to work. When she got home she googled what it meant for an eagle to come so low.

Eagle conveys the powers and messages of the spirit; it is man’s connection to the divine because it flies higher than any other bird. If eagle has appeared, it bestows freedom and courage to look ahead.Eagles have a beauty and grace fitting their status.The eagle brings the message of renewed life because it is associated with the east winds – the direction of spring, dawn and rebirth. 

If an individual has been going through a hard time, eagle not only signals a new beginning, but provides that person with the stamina and resilience to endure the difficulties. If eagle has appeared, it bestows freedom and courage to look ahead. When Eagle appears to you it means that you are being put on notice. Eagle totems appear to inspire (push) you to reach higher and become more than you think you are capable of. They tell you to be courageous and really stretch your limits and see what you can do. They bring a sense of courage and a desire to explore and grow. To dream of a flying eagle or one who is perched high signifies good fortune or victory coming your way. If it scares you or attacks you it means there are some self-imposed limitations you need to push through. 

The lesson of the eagle is to take a look from where it sees. You must have the courage to relinquish stale and comfortable habits and beliefs to soar into unknown realms and new realities – continually expanding your view. Now is the time to take full responsibility for your life and be prepared for instant destiny. As your spiritual awareness increases, the positive and negative ramifications will become more immediate and have greater force. 

She took a deep breath.That made her believe that she is all that she ever needed, she is more than enough and if she wanted, she can rise from her ashes!

A few days after, it was November 8th. She got a call in the evening and it said “I’m unwell Caru, please can you leave and come home now?”. Twas Tina. She smiled because this happens every year on this day, however, little apprehension stepped in and the ‘what if’ ran on her head. She drove to her best possible speed-‘what if she is actually unwell…?’

On reaching home, twas all dark, of course twas in the evening but the lights were all off; only the soft warm string lights were on with a note and a bunch of flowers. That little knows how you treat a woman!

Heyy Pretty                                                                                                   

You have time till 9                                                                           

Dress up in your best and leave the rest                                                                                                         


She turned herself to the bedroom mirror. She was looking at her image that would start a fresh year, with matriarchal features, intelligence and anxious brown eyes. No matter how hard she tries, she cannot do without Tina’s opinion on her outfit. She called her, re- did all of her look and they were off to … under Tina’s guidance. No she wasn’t sure of where they were going, except for the next 200 meters.

“Take this left here, park here and WE’VE ARRIVED!!!” presenting the brightest smile ever. She takes a 360 degree look at the place and was nothing short of horrific! It looked so much like a land that was purchased in order to have all the caves in the world erected, and she turns back to her sister with more worry and less merry…

“Come come, you’ll have the best time ever” and she took her to the entrance of the cave.

No she wasn’t pleased to meet the two men, two of Tina’s friends. But she wore her pretense well and digested the fact that what she saw was what made her evening and she needs to put up with this at least for Tina’s efforts; and so she began talking about just what quintessentially meant general.

Two vodka shots down. Loosened up a little bit and she began talking to one of the two. Oscar! Just in the nick of time was what lit her a thousand volts. One known face, of course the face that she friendly hated. Her colleague friend

And then what happened was the stars aligning to her destiny.



This new job was pretty fine. He was doing something different from the usual desk job…sigh, Grateful for some wonders like these; hate those age old type of working from a desk!. The learning was new because of a whole different field from his. But there was something about this that kept him interested. “Man if you can talk your way through shit, that’s it, that’s your weapon here”, is what his colleague told him and that boosted him way much, so the work was going pretty smooth. His favorite part? The unlimited hookah at work place. Aaaah, those feels <3.

Blue Mustache was just nearby, his favorite hangout place during those times. The random friends he made there were perfect; it was the same vibes being spread all over. Was all about love, music, guitar and beers! You could call it like his weekend fam! That’s precisely when they really met and that’s it!  He also had a few of his friends from back home who were in Bangalore too. He kept meeting them once a while and had those “buzzing chill weekends”.

A few months after, with same life going, his dad was in town and was all excited to meet him after quite a while. But wait, that wasn’t all that was happening. So sometime in November, Tina, his old friend from back home (Muscat), called him and said “Hey, what you doing on the 8th? It’s my sisters’ birthday and I want you to come as the theme is meeting random people”,

Why random because that was on her sisters’ wish list. He wasn’t sure of going for it, but then already once a meet like this, he had dropped. After sorting out a few things he kind of managed and got himself free for that day. No matter how much time he had spent with Boob Bro and learnt about women, still it is an impossible task to shop for women. And on top of that, you never met the girl before and know nothing about her…  So the best that came to him was to  take Jaegermeister, this should make the evening. All dressed up in new, he went to the place to tag along with another guy going there too.

Pretty crazy drive that was. After having two rounds of some good whiskey, they went and waited for Tina and the birthday girl. After some waiting, that’s when he first saw her, Carole!! You know the feels, when you meet a chick the first time; it’s all wild rush and a high running through. And who knew this was going to be the best night ever, a night where this journey to a new purpose was going to begin and not just his journey, but theirs together



Twas twelve in the night.

After the cake cutting and smashes of it all over her face; snapshots with him and her and everybody else, they discussed the making of the evening and that’s how much of chaos it was! Now that she loosened up she laughed out loud that Oscar was with half inflated balloon in his hand and “Happy birthday” ! Conversation was all over their table. Laughter like it’s sunshine. Oh and she had a fall too! That air she breathe was the most beautiful one. She loved unknown people for the first time, after all this was one of it in her wish list, to meet the unknown!

They drove all night. Free spirits, random pit stops, khizomba, 3.00am dinner at a dhabba and they lit lanterns and watched it fly. Oh with every lantern she lit up every area of her life, wanting more light and reaching heights. I watched her happy as she hugged them all.

No twas’nt over. Misty hills, fun vibes attracting tribes, ice breaking, pretentious rapping, lot of music and all the way up. It was an uphill climb with heels and her feet had given up on her clearly, giving her all signs to stop but she had her flame with her, that was brighter than her insomanic feet!

And what she saw was breath taking. The glorious Sun.

I got so hooked to that painting, a canvas over 350mts high, 5 people; strangers 5 hours back, watching the breaking of the dawn and silencing every ounce of their being..

They clicked their first picture. He, she, I and the Light! That’s it. Just relaxing and feeling eyes getting heavy and all they wanted to do is just go home and sleep, except for this chap Oscar! She looked at him with disbelieving eyes! Soon they got home hoping to see the not so “famous 5” for dinner.

At the dinner, she was grateful that her friend’s circle widened and that she was connecting with people. A simple dinner and back home. They were all on a watsapp group 9.11 and that was that.



The night was going pretty slow after the much waiting. As soon as they came, he took them to the bar and then they all did shots.That should smoothen the mood! And then the getting to know each other started and it was quite formal. After a few beers, they all just got into a series of conversations. Somehow his jacket had reached her lap and she was just feeling cozy and comfy with that on her. Baam, and a chocolate piece falls on it, “aaah crap my jacket”, was his thought while looking at her smile and just have that happy glow on it. And in seconds she had cake on her face, hahahaha there goes her make -up 😛

Getting typsy after quite some drinks he took her to the restroom. The walk till there was a task as she fell quite a few times but each time that happened he just felt I gotta take care from now on but sooner or later, they all had laughs about it. Once they were done from that place the second surprise was due for her and so we all got in the car and started riding to this cold hilly place. Sitting at the back next to her, dancing and going crazy on songs that they both could relate to, daam, let’s open the jagermiester and surprise all! That was a beautiful drive, very well planned but naive!!

Night drives are always best when chilly and it gets so much better when the road-side shop sells you some beer too Xd haha!! Once they got there it was just time of beers and dancing like never before. They had their first sensual moment doing Kizomba!. they were so much in the moment that they didn’t listen to the calling ; their destiny was calling! After a while they all went to the open air and lit lanterns for her. The view was a memorable one, all of it on the records! Another one checked off from her list. It was gonna be morning soon and they had to climb up more to capture that serene sunrise. To her bad luck she had no idea that hill climbing was part of their plan and so she had  her heels on , haha that was a slow and funny climb. But the entire time her hand was around his, for support and perhaps just the warmth.

After a night of drinking till sunrise its a crazy task staying up. Somehow they all managed to keep their eyes open till breakfast. Tiredness on some next level, the first thing would be to just grab some sleep. But weirdly he just wanted to spend more time with her. What was this feeling of not letting go. “Ah never mind, you need sleep” is what came to his mind! The way back home was quite sleepy but there was a new and different feeling he was going home with. A totally new way of chilling an entire night and that night changed him from within. He would know of it after waking up.



Then on every weekend was an extension of 9.11. That was some joy! They meet, did random and left. She liked him for his wavelength of thinking. Now there are men who have minds of their own and then there men who have their thinking aligned to their higher self and of the rare combination is a man with a mind of his own, aligned almost right and she liking that mind! Some nice talks they had over someone’s terrace- Icebraking and then Quantum of light and Universe.

You know, if she were to leave her magnetic fields at home, they would never be because they are worlds apart, nothing in close proximity, they were only bound by abstract and absolute.

And then whatever had to be understood, came full circle. She understood that 9.11 was birthing Carole over again, 9.11 – Carole is her only rescue. 9.11 was when she wanted to reset everything and start treating Carole better and keeping Carole happier. 9.11 was when she met beauty for all her ashes. 9.11 is manifestation of her self-love as Oscar. I know what happened…somebody ask me, When you love yourself, what happens is the Universe squares it and gives it back to you, if you are destiny’s favorite child then twill be on your birthday!

None of what she had gone through, mattered to him. He saw her spirit in the most raw form.

Both raced hard to know what it was but it all defied logic. The more they questioned the more they chased logic. They spoke over coffee on how they could pretty much work tireless into reality that they wanted just controlling minds. They spoke of how everything is in a well planned blueprint and how it’s imperative that we join those dots to see the pattern. They began seeing synchronicities, discussed so much on living like who you really are- FREE! Softly it rang in her head of the whispers ‘You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free’, It was once on a holiday by the pool side that they only wished for a life in which they were their own boss! Carry work to any holiday and all at their command. The way they spoke somehow felt like this truly is a world of possibilities and they were just at the portal to get into their training and learning to be limitless.

In his eyes was a vortex, she was fiercely drawn into him. He was the most golden thing ever. It was a feeling like on a dark moonlit night, they are in a pool and in awe at the celestial gleam. It eclipsed everyone she ever met. Their conversation was telepathic, wondering if this is gonna be forever or gonna be down in flames. She sips on her margerita still into his eyes and felt like he came back each time he left , be it in a daydream or a nightmare; and their story flashes.

After their separation which was so far away in time, their heartbreak was awful.They had to dive deep; as deep as the memory of many lifetimes as profound as nasty scars. They were ancient, they were spiraling but now they are back and almost merged in the crystal skies, their vibrations are aligned and they’ve danced in the brightest light and the darkest night of the Universe.

It’s a heart to heart and a soul to soul connection.

She was blown to find a male version of her, that bond with him went astral because to decipher this, it needed liberation. She thought to herself, had she met him a little early in life, they would never be able to connect. Looked up to heavens in gratitude and I watched her DNA heal.



Evening came and today there was this crazy rush within to get ready super fast and go meet up for dinner. The feeling within hadn’t died. “What on earth is this”, he thought while taking his cab. The dinner conversations was all about how they felt really crazy and happy from within in a very long time. So it wasn’t just him, he thought, or may be he was still high on the previous night.

From there on, it sparkled enough to take it from a long chat conversation to calls and soon that turned into random meet-ups. Mind blown!!! That’s what he was.

A shift he felt within. What was this? That’s all that was on his mind throughout the days. More and more meet-ups became intense and *woooooah* deep breath!! They got so close and a sense of connnection kept building. But it wasn’t of now, it was as if a missing story from history zoomed into the present dimension. Each day he began to grow inside. It felt like he just entered a futuristic world which was only of hope, love and joy. After a few weeks the 9.11 birthday people decided to go for a trip to this place down South. This was life changing!!!

Just as he got in the car, so much excitement and happiness and love he could vibe from them. This felt like family. After a few minutes of driving down, he got his ‘herb’ out and crafted a cone of love 😉 This was going to be amazing, and with that in mind he took another sip of beer. Wait what! Daamn this herb was good. Buzzing away to a world seen and known only to him, his eyes started to fill with sleep. But sub-consciously he did something which was going to be reality for Carole and him. He had just put the beer ring on her finger indicating that she was his and after a few mintues zzzzzz off to sleep.

On reaching the place they felt connected to the ground so serene and beautiful with a perfect ocean view in front and a huge house for them for the next three days!!

Firstly, the beers were dirt cheap which was a bonus, a place to best enjoy your vacation and doing this with the people who just became so dear to him, this was heavenly. So much bonding happened and each of them go so close and this felt warm. This one night was surreal as it was just like something astral which he was learning with her. Connecting to someone at such a level was completely new to him. He felt as though his spirit inside was already intimately bonded with hers. This one feeling would change their entire belief in closeness and relationship. Each one of them had something they had gained there and all decided to stay back a day more! Just before leaving they had a conversation which was going to completely paddle shift their lives into a meaningful one. Enough was enough and Carole and him decided something totally unorthodox from how people usually did things!



Every norm was stirring up after that one holiday to a point that they wanted to quit their jobs. A lot of agitation when they got back home, like their current lifestyle was choking them up. They knew they were chained to the rhythm and they wanted to break free but their bank account wasn’t very co-operative, their back up plan was castle in the air. They wanted to fly outside the country; work, make money, come back and birth an idea that will allow free flow of money. A typical worldly logic!

Their intentions however were in the right place; from a crawl to a walk, a walk to a run and a run into a soar. As if all this while they were caught up and suddenly they loved their genuine freedom. They wanted to make some small way, but themselves.
They focused all of their energy around making their plan work. They began consulting and researching. It felt appropriate and so they jumped; they quit working. And that was sheer leap of faith; the serpent did crawl in…

They say nothing happens outside of the Divine will; even the temptations! She was offered sabbatical leaves which means she could take leaves as long as she wanted with the benefit of still being on the company’s payroll. How convenient was that! And around same time his job opened up to travelling! Their connection defies logic because without consulting each other, they denied the undeniable. They justified this saying ‘had we said yes to this, that wouldn’t be a leap of faith, but an option’

Meanwhile everything they planned seemed like the next big thing to them.They were willing to be disrupted at all levels.
Stranger things happened to them. Everytime they tried to accelerate looking for job, they were being pulled back. As if someone was listening to their conversations and leaving no stone unturned to disrupt it. One of the things that happened to them was, when they were heading out to look for something in alignment to finding a job, their car was seized by a cop for wrong parking and mind you the only money they had went off in footing the fine! Now there was no way they could do anything but to wait.Every sign board read “Dubai” and every Facebook post said, “Best of things will happen to you miraculously”. They were getting the law to work!

What made it concrete in this realm was that he managed to rob of the guards that she had for her interiors. She loved him and she smiled to herself “Twice is not too bad”. She thought of how they met, an unexpected setting, it happened when she least expected a romantic relation.. It’s like she has suddenly recognized the stranger that she felt like she knows from somewhere before and makes her question- where have you been..!

Their strength came on waiting. For all of their dreams to work they had to learn something different. They needed to know how to exercise faith. So they kept learning, they did Scriptures, documentaries on faith, Astrotheology, Ancient history, Mysticism, Twinflames, spirit science and every learning, leveraged to a bigger learning. Their perspective began changing, the belief systems that they had accumulated withered. When that happened they felt a lot of agitation, fear captivated them. They felt entities with evil intentions but esoteric wisdom was their high! They began growing spiritually.

Now the fiscal part of their lives was to be figured out. They needed to know how differently the abundant thinkers think and then they became hunters. They realized that their mindset needed heavy alteration, they had to unlearn and then re-learn and they were willing. They began to learn everything from a cellular level.

One evening while they were having their conversations, she exclaimed “this lifestyle seems so right, now if we think of going back to working, it’s purpose would be defeated” Oscar meanwhile was already doing online course on digital profit and he continued” You must start writing whatever we have learnt, start creating content…you never know, a plan of making fortune might come looking for us!”

She saw it come full circle. Blogging she always wanted to do, but didn’t know of a better platform. Her mother always was concrete on her to write. She always told her there is more you can do, much more than you could ever imagine, and I thought twas just motherly instinct.

That’s that! They had learnt to water their minds so that their soul grows. That path was an AI in itself, it wouldn’t open any further than 200mts. It required faith! Courses, study material, daily supplies ,writings, learning documentaries, potential ideas , all started coming to their minds as if somebody was thinking for them. They lost their small minds because fulfillment was happening just by thoughts.

There was no elevator, only steps and there were times when they did it with tippy toes but what I liked about them is they raised their spirits to be non-negotiable!



The journey back home was a little upsetting as they all didn’t want to leave after experiencing living life to the fullest. A lot had changed within him as though the world now seemed like a colony of ants just following the orders and traces left. He had decided along with her – why not live life like this vacation all the time. It was a huge decision to take, just like the North Wall but even that came down!! After getting back to normal life, it was all blaah!! It didn’t feel normal at all. All it gave was a feeling that something isn’t right here and this isn’t what you are destined for.

All of the time at work was a lazy phase to just contemplate and see through the day quickly. The real work started building up when he they got back to themselves quitting job; they started to forget all that they learnt and relearnt from scratch about every single thing that caught their interest or gave them a gut feeling to follow.

The amount of learning they did was  enlightening; it opened up his soul from within. For the first time he could feel this connection with some strong and powerful energy or spirit like entity. It felt like everything they learnt came alive and that was scary! No learning gave him a experience.

So much truth coming out about how the world had been busy with their propaganda of ‘distraction’ and taking people away from growing to be their best versions. And then he froze while listening to ‘Aerials’, shoutout ‘SOAD’, omg, the song finally gave so much meaning and could relate a 100% to this new learning.  “Life is a waterfall, we’re one in the river, and one again after the fall”, how deep this related to after life and how us as humans we are all together. A  simple analogy of what he needed to do was there with him throughout like for ages but only if he knew!! From then on he knew he had to open his ‘eyes’ to receive and send out the energy.

Daamn yes, QUITTING Job was the best thing that they did however it landed a little trouble in their homes!!!  Nothing to overshadow the joy, because finally there was something that was not controlled with the devious things of the world.It rained crazy! God knows it was  heavens pouring and the river flowed down fast and drowned him in its life and it marked it with its great lightning and thunder. Gods must have been the happiest that day!

The best part of this was, it wasn’t just him. When two souls who feel strongly connected and together open their eye and grow and get to the next level and further beyond, there is a fierce and powerful energy formed. They knew they were destined for something big but it was going to be a herculean task, the awakening was just at its beginning and the fire in their belly knew they had to play a major role in spreading this fire in all directions.

There was one thing consistent besides the hiccups, support from his folks!! No matter how bad he fucked up his Dad and Mum always have his back, they never judged him for any of his choices. That’s what you do when you really care about a person. Even when he started off his first job there were issues at home. But with a situation of what seemed carelessly quitting job without logically knowing what next but a mere feeling of doing something of his own for a better purpose with his twinflame Carole,needed strength to believe and his folks saw this just as he did and supported him through it.

It wasn’t easy because this world is controlled with fears of being practical; ‘how will you survive’ or ‘what will people think’.  Heck no, his folks understood him effortlessly and that connect which they had, it was all because of this divine purpose. That bond they have now!!!  Like woow, he loves them to bits, unconditionally.

Every single worry a parent would have knowing their kid quit working was just solved so easily. I know why, because all of it was taken care of by the universe. Its been a year and now its not just him but the entire fam understanding that learning and knowing is the real purpose where Carole and he are heading to.

Parents – are your own people, they may keep nagging, fighting, arguing, but God damn they gonna be there for you no matter what, thats real love and thats the greatest blessing.

When you are so strongly bonded with energies not known to people here, you know you got nothing to fear!! And that is when their journey began to this universe unknown but going to be created by them!

“Aerials in the sky,                                                                                     

When you lose small mind, You free your life.”


– System of a Down



Oscar. He did something that rocked her world, he cracked her world of connection wide open. He is phenomenally beautiful; just a delicious blend. She would feel him look at her and smile and breathe. She kept wondering what he saw, she wanted to get behind him and look at what he saw in her. He took her to places within herself that she never saw before.The bigger picture; he is significantly different from her. But she needed his oxygen.

Straight out of nowhere it made sense to her. She realized they were brought together by some unusual synchronicities. The knowing came forth. When randomness became imperative part of her; Tina, cousins and her were on a long drive, she missed meeting Tina’s friend by a few minutes (chapter 3) and that was Oscar. That was destiny’s plan for them. She was forbidden to meet with him until she completed her lessons; she still needed to get hook off attachment and low emotions…
They were meant to live lives separately gathering experiences through different relationships, preparing for the anticipated coming of the twin. It required higher level of healing because its an intense spiritual union.

Even the first conversation with him felt a fire. No butterflies, straight flames. In short time, flames intensified. That was just a glimpse of what a twinflame reunion will be like. Soon she became a runner; running away. He taught her to trust, not that she distrusted people but she thought of it as if she could do everything by herself. He of the two vibrates higher!

They got on fast track learning; to bring forth what is within, to love intensely, to let cup overflow, to be in places nobody has ever been, to serve people and to birth KnowYouniverse.

KnowYouniverse is a miracle project, that was never in their mind, it was being planted. What happened to them was not meant to keep it to themselves. Every story for that matter is never your’s, it is to save the world. It could be a story of ashes to flames , run to a soar or rags to riches. You are a story personified to save the imperfect world. Spread your story.

It’s imperative that you take off those blinders, ego, your beliefs, your intentions to define God. The Power of God, the power if I am has never really been lost; the meaning has been. Of all the metaphysical books on I am, the best of the best is “I am is power”, this will free you if you know how to use it. You are your priority, you can’t save the world while saving you. You’re every strand of DNA screams uniqueness. Your purpose is for you to fulfill, don’t expect others to prioritize your dreams. You got to fund your own dreams. For this you need to stop keeping record of all your wrongs, give yourself a thousand second chances because your life is a physical manifestation of the conversation that’s going on in your head.

There would be times when the conversations will scare the daylights out of you, but you be willing to do it afraid anyway. There is no way you are born to pay bills and die. You are a prayer in flesh, give yourself permission to leap and fly and soar. When God put you together, he knew you are going to be picked up and dropped a hundred times; you are enough! You are more than enough. Lose your small mind, you’ll be free.

KnowYouniverse is the projection of their minds.It is the embodiment of their learning! No one dragged them to this place of awareness and so who are they to drag anybody? Knowyouniverse wants to only be an extension of that light within – you can own it , and in your own time.



What was this life! He was in awe that there was a complete different purpose and reason for his being here. And for a matter of fact not just him, he understood that we as humans all have a very unique reason here and only once done and achieved would we be able to enter the next realm or dimension. This he related to leveling up each time in his game and it pretty much sank in deep perfectly. With this powerful energy him and Carole started learning things they would never even dream of.

The most beautiful part of all this was, the learning and awakening kept happening each day but it also kept getting them closer. The bond they shared was very surreal as it felt “as above so below”. From both not wanting a relationship, the universe played its twisted game and left a smirk and got them both into a relationship that was going to last for all lives. And this felt heavenly as to this day there is no explaination to why this strong and fierce connnect between them was throughout, when together or when separate. He then thought of the time he spent alone with his ‘Nigga’ where he used to go for silence and share all he had inside. And the response he got back was “love her and take care of her”. Like say what!! He didn’t expect to hear that at all because it was completely opposite from what he wanted. These voices in his head were very strong since. He knew there was something to this and daamn he was right <3

With that part all figured and sorted out for them, they kept going on their way gaining as much they could from this guidance from above. They say after a cetain age you stop growing!! Well the physical doesn’t matter, that they knew by now. The growing never stops, you just need to keep elevating more and more till you reach the fullest and once you do, daamn its ecstacy!! This point came to them where they didn’t know what to do with this learning. So much was there and no, they couldn’t keep it just to themselves. They had to let this out and let others feel this too.

The whole purpose of living is to share all sorts of positiity to the world out there because it needs it very badly. So he told her to keep her writing and may be just maybe, later sometime they would definitely know what to do with it. And within months Baaaaam!! And this was so divine as even the name came to them while creating the domain. Like it wasn’t even a struggle what to name it. When you in that powerful energy flow things will just pour down to you in the snap of time. This baby of theirs born of the most purest prana and a gift of their kundalini awakening. This is going to be big niggaa, is what she told him. And he took it all in, the good feeling of something you created not by using any of the teachings here below but all in the schools of the above. So much Prajna and this was to be spread all over using all the ways of the world here below.