The blank space is intentional. Try forgetting this.

This is you, the vital space in which “coming together” and “falling apart” is happening.

You don’t see? I’m sure you don’t see, you’ve traded the sensitivity to the noise that’s everywhere. Why don’t you fake it till you make it?

So like I was telling, this blank space is- this is you, the vital space in which “coming together” and “falling apart” is happening. The paradox that is moving within you. Feel the absolute impermanence of all things. Be still and honor.

What could be the power that lies between breaking apart and coming back together again?

Could the answer be as powerful as the question? Or would it maintain the same mysterious integrity? but the problem with answers is that there is the tendency to stop questioning further.

Within the shadow there is a key to making the unconscious conscious.

Have you met your shadows? How will you, you’ve gotten too comfortable and complacent

Get out of our own way. Certainty be damned. Comfort be damned. Expectations be damned.

You cannot always do exceptional, always be on top of your nerves and beating the odds.It’s okay! It’s okay to be empty, it’s okay to just be, its okay to not know; leave some blank spaces

Its chaotic, tell me is there anything you can do about it? So laugh because but in that chaos there is unperturbed order. Besides a good sense of humor is the pinnacle of a healthy disposition toward life and somebody once said- “The soul demands your folly; not your wisdom,”

I’ll give you another reason- Its Spring Equinox!

I know, not one ounce in your being will rejoice, but at least fake it till you make it.