BLACK. Does something stir up? May be the pigment is sophisticated on a fabric as in ‘The little black dress’, or ‘The black tie event’; but what about “Black” as darkness?  Sinfully powerful, mysteriously danger? I’ve had a wondrous attraction for darkness as a child, now I understand why, because Black is the color of Eternity. I don’t know if it is right to call it a color; black should be much more than a color because the color that we see is owing to rejection. Something looks yellow, not because it is yellow but because it holds back everything that white light contains and gives away yellow. But black doesn’t reflect anything, it only absorbs, it only contains. Black I think is the dielectric life force of the Universe; it is a state before manifestation.
Like, what was, before there was light? – Darkness, Black Where does gestation, germination happen? – Womb, Black Where do you go before your ‘after-life’? – Tomb, Black What is high above Ultra violet and deeper than the Infra red?- Black, the color of lack Black even connects you to the realm, what takes you past dreams? Sleep, Black screen and best thoughts come in Black.
Even a day in Genesis is measured from evening to morning“And there was evening and there was morning, the first day” Something is mysterious about Black; it is absence yet present. There is more divinity in black, than in white. Have you tried Sun gazing? You can’t have an eye and eye in it, it blinds you. That blinding (darkness) is to protect you. White allows you to see only as much as it wants you to see, in black you connect to the unknown. It flames when you make love blindfolded, it flames when you self pleasure (without spilling) blindfolded.
For all that you know there is a Black Sun even! WHERE? In Aurora Borealis.
She is the Earth’s Heart.  In the Gnostic myth of how the world works, Sophia, the feminine personification of wisdom, was happily with spirits of light, all unified in the limitless potential of her Father’s radiance. She’s so dizzy with love for the Creative Source that when she sees a brilliant shimmering light below, she flings herself down into the darkness, mistakenly following what she believes to be her Father’s radiance, fooled by a mere reflection. she is trapped – separated from the light. the powers of the underworld have their way with her, using, abusing, and exploiting her, until all she knows is sadness in the struggle to return herself up to the light she has lost, but not forgotten. Black is a realm that contains unleashed power in it. But we often are conditioned to see the other polarity. It is not true that black is fearful too. It is only a degree of perception one has in its polarity. Black is black. Black is not good or bad, like it is often said that wearing a black attire for something auspicious is bad omen. This is half knowledge. Black does not give out anything, it absorbs everything. If you wear black and go to a good space, you will absorb that. But if you wear black and go to a bad space, you will absorb that. Is it Black’s mistake? Black is wise. Black is whole. It contains in it everything that is yet to be.