I honestly don’t know what to write to you about, not that I’m running short of what needs to be told but the great agitation is how do I weave a common thread; There are over six billion unique interpretations of life in the three-dimensional construct we experience as reality.

I don’t know what I should tell you that would trigger God-hacking, allowing  the mystery, the burning question, the sacred journey, to truly be the thing, opening up to your infinite possibilities and for all you know- the world (system) will never give you permission to play authentic, to play big.

So stop asking for it! Stop giving it any attention, stop subscribing to its ways.

Reason you don’t become who you are meant to be is because you are too attached to who you’ve been – A name, religion, nationality, pleasing everybody, solving all of their problems, trying to win a conversation, watching TV and the rest of your life goes by in defending a fictional identity.

The only thing I urge you- be willing to lose your minds, to go insane, a healthy non-attachment, to use crazy wisdom as a tool to unveil that there’s no such thing as sanity anyway, there’s just pretense in hard makeup.

One way of describing the process is the Path of Self Discovery. On this path you become an explorer who’s mission is to look into the very fabric of reality.

But first you gotta get scared- Benevolent Chaos! There must be the scary prospect of rocking your world upside down.

All that you see in the picture sprang out from a seed- A place of uncertainty, doubt and the absolute threshing of all thresholds.

Before planting the seed, I whispered gently to him, like a God- Be prepared. You are capable to doing things much more than you could ever dare imagine.”

And he answered the call. I watched him act in spite of the inconvenience and all of a sudden everything is possible.

I’m just saying that you cannot have a convenient transformation. You have to break bricks, concrete bricks!

So, are you willing? 

Are you willing to reinvent yourself? A profound transformation, like a seed into a tree?

Are you willing to leap, even at the possibility that you might fall?

Are you willing to do what you never did?

I know your enemy!  Will I lose everything I know and become nothing? You see, fear is a booming industry, I mean its always booming, its like feeding your adrenochrome to the Elites.

Your fear is an anti-aging agent to the Matrix. I know numerous traps that dissuade you from messing with the structure-  What if I don’t find a job, what if I won’t be able to pay the bills , what if I wouldn’t be able to clear debt or what if I fail to cancer?. If you want to see what its made of or take it down you will have to deal with its building blocks- desire and fear. The Matrix gets concrete and real because you feed it.

Indoctrination deeply rooted, we exchange our passion to live with an addiction to buy. Its true isn’t it? It’s true for me, it’s true for you; It’s a popular inclination to magnetize towards our desire to fit in and thereby feel comfortable living in it-

But what about your quest?

Your quest might be as simple as to be present a thousand percent with your kids.

Your quest might be to recognize your human spirit

Your quest might be to just stop over thinking about your next step

Your quest is something that your heart knows but your mind just cannot get hold of it. Are you ready to jump with doubts in your mind? Don’t get sick, don’t get the “paralysis of analysis”, don’t rob yourself of the person you are about to meet.

If the question is how you are gonna do, – well you don’t need to know HOW, path will unfold, what needs to be checked is – Are you willing? Are you willing to allow your life to flow?

New times are upon us. Would you believe me if I told you we are living in two worlds and
that the timeline is splitting and the Matrix has a glitch?

What if the Universe opens another door? You may take that leap and answer the call.

When you take a leap of faith, be rest assured that there will come a time when the mind will bring up the greatest desire, greatest fear to keep you attached to the things of this “world” –  

Still determined? Because the calling of truth overpowers the call of Illusion– Great, you’ve cleared round one!

From now on, things will only begin to get worse; It’s Maya’s game plan! Well actually it’s not what it seems to be- A crisis may occur; especially financial- the biggest trump card of the Matrix-

All imaginations of what might happen or what might have happened combined with fear turns powerful enough and manifests into your reality and that is your ordeal for level two.

Wanna continue level two?

Level two teaches you to focus on the Present moment. When you live in the present moment you only have to deal with what actually happens not what might happen. One great secret to freedom is that present moment reality contains exactly what is needed for your life to move in the direction it needs to move in. What you need is ALWAYS immediately available to you. However it may not be what you THINK is needed.

Now you are cautious enough to understand to never feed fear because gee, it manifests! You begin to read the movements of energy so you  move with the flow of life instead of creating conflict with it. Truly living in the present moment your mental structure will slowly crumble on its own and now you begin to learn to create consciously; no attachments, no beliefs, no identity.

Don’t be alarmed if your dreams are wild and weird. Don’t be alarmed if you experience
cosmic giggle through numbers, patters and synchronicities. That’s just you remembering the story of your soul.  This is happening; and if it is not happening to you, there’s a good chance that you are just not noticing.

Little things, big things are taking on new shapes and forms. It may appear subtle at first until you tune in and then you will know that you were too preoccupied to take note of, took for granted, or were too naive to pay attention to but now they are increasingly hard to miss.

All of it are signs that your double helix DNA is evolving into triple strand, four times four and then finally to the true self which is twelve strands.

There will be nights when despite fatigue you just cannot sleep, don’t fight it. Liberate yourself from the need to conform to the norm. If no sleep then you might want to gracefully accept that and listen for what you should be doing. Other times you may suddenly feel tired for no apparent reason and crave sleep; by all means follow the energy and sleep because the body needs unexpected rest for healing and assimilating all these new energies. Be still and listen.

All that is not real will fall off; one such is the illusion of Time.

Time appears to behave strangely, the little slippages here and there, abrupt realizations that it’s not the time or date you thought it was. Time moving very quickly, strange sort of head spinning feelings when trying to track your thoughts, memory lapses, sense of fatigue for no good reason, or ringing in the ears with a touch of vertigo?

Perhaps we may have hit the edge of the wormhole! It’s nothing to fear as long as we’re aware of what’s going on around us (And I don’t mean the world news on CNB and BBC) and stay on our toes. What we’re being shown by the big media projector is the exact opposite of what’s really going on. The changes are changing, the winds are picking up and It’s a great time for letting go – but it will not be a pleasant ride for those who refuse to loosen their grip.

Using your sense of discretion is the key. Your personal choice!

Most of life’s serious choices aren’t easy- to go on or not? That’s why many of us avoid the condition of getting pulled away from safety and security. Some of your best plans get disrupted and you begin to ask the most powerless question- Why me?? we’re programmed to think of these as bad turns but they invariably lead to Soul’s progress.

Adventure towards freedom vs. trudging towards slavery should be a clear cut decision for anyone who’s even half awake. That may not be clear to those being played like pawns in the whirled matrix but it’s always obvious to the awakened.

Of our many innate powers as human beings, our power of intention is a harbinger to unlock the ability to co-create and because the human mind is capable of conceiving all things imaginable, good, bad or ugly, when a powerful intention has its way with the world, anything can happen. Yet without this vehicle, absolutely nothing is possible.

I don’t know the full plan, but this is only a transition and it has to do with waters like never before. The man bearing the water jar is Knowing that the water in your DNA is changing and you are evolving.

We sense only a fraction of all that exists in the universe. Who we really are has been staring us in the face the whole time. Take a look at your body, without labels,  A magnificent sculpture, carved from stardust, gases, cells, minerals, constant flow of air coming in and out, molecules by our skin, bacteria breaking down food in our stomach, Look at the image your eyes are creating, take another look in the mirror at the wonder of your eyes. This universe has arranged itself in such complex ways, in such exquisite patterns.

You will know that you are a phenomenon and you do not need to live life; You are an emanation of life.