Working is the worst way of making Money!”
I read this and it got me startled..

“Very well, I will do everything it takes to align my goals to the company’s goals”. That was me at my last interview. So hasty! Today if you are sitting at your desk in agitation, mind you, you have become what you spoke with conviction that day at your interview. You are the culmination of the decisions that you took yesterday. #lawofattraction

I was trying to figure out a replacement to money making, turned around to ask him what’s his passion; he said “Photography. Because it’s the only hobby where I can shoot people and cut their heads off without going to jail”.

Clearly WORKING ain’t working, looks more like a “trap not to blame”! Perhaps only 1% of us who are like that food and travel guy, that wild life photographer, or Priyanka Chopra must be disagreeing to “Working is the worst way of making Money”, while for the rest of us working really hard for that money!  There definitely has to be a happier way of making money. After all it’s a world of possibilities!

Step one. Shackle the stereotype.You don’t need to work hard for money. Universal truth is this is a life of abundance, everything you need comes effortlessly. Wealth is a mindset-you gotta think rich and what will follow is oodles of ideas to make it big. This is no affirmation but money comes easy and that money making idea is your PASSION. Your way of making money is never the same as your bestie; yours might be as simple as giving a voice-over or breaking laughter in a crowd. You only need to disrupt the soil for it to grow! Disruption is an  action word, therefore act in spite of your inconvenience. 

Step two. Never belittle your passion as a post annihilation skill or deviation from the Monday blues. Sidelining your passion is a sin! You are born with an ability like nobody else which means you are to shine with that light, and money will weave its way to you! There has to be at least one job that nobody can do the way you do. At first it may seem like ordinary, almost of zilch use; but let knowing guide you and when you find it, flaunt it!

A 9-5 job would certainly give you ‘preference share’ kind of money. Irrespective of whether you do good or fabulous, it’s static. Don’t settle for a mediocre mindset. Abundance is your royalty. You sure don’t wanna leave without the world knowing that you are an “unrepeatable miracle”. We’ve had enough of Rockefellers, it’s high time that you rock the world!

The key is in you and you have been holding it oblivious all your life, undo all of the conditioning. You don’t need to follow the path 99% of us use, add more of you to the 1%, and if you have more than one passion, its money day EVERYDAY!

Only remember ‘To move forward you have to give back’. Your divine purpose is always to create value for people and serve people, irrespective of what you do. Give back a portion of everything that you make, let your spirit be overwhelmed when you give because it emits plentiful and when you think plenty the Universe will rain ten fold abundance . Don’t ever give as a sacrifice, the price is already paid! You are not to sacrifice but to give when your cup overflows.

Replace work with passion; it still equates to money and money in abundance!