It’s like nobody cares to know truth when lie is so entertaining, but I still want to make an attempt, hoping it ripples. So this goes back to a time when you were almost nothing in physical, being put together cell by cell in your mother’s womb. They thought you came through the tunnel with an empty mind, not knowing and that it’s their job to indoctrinate you with what is right, what you should be doing and continuing the tradition of studying a lie, another lie and updating to more lies! It’s a phase called Brainwashing and it’s not gonna fade for a good two decades. This starts at home, roots at school, gets deeper at college and all the way until you are graduated to get a job! The grip gets so better that even if truth surfaced, you would look at it as if it were lunatic! Don’t fret; your people didn’t do it purposely. They didn’t know it was a manipulation technique! I’m sorry but honestly there is no gentle way to tell someone that they have dictated their entire life to an illusion. Do you realize that most of your time that you could have spent in finding the truth has been eaten up by you being busy following lies? There is nothing that you really know; however there is a lot that only you know, if you are allowed to just be. Look at these. These are because we failed to question everything, You are taught to color inside the circle; anything outside is ugly! You are told the world population is a whooping 7 billion, ask them if they went about counting? Adolf Hitler killed about 6 million Jews. Were you really there to see what actually happened? If Earth is a globe, why do you never see a curve in the horizon then? All things that you think you know are mere projections and illusions of what keeps you in control. You think it’s just psychological? Its physical, biological and every other angle you wouldn’t even think is a possibility! Do you know what roots all of this? Idolizing. Haven’t you always looked upon that person from whom you love hearing an opinion? For some, it’s the NASA, a celebrity, a cartoon character or the News channel itself. It’s their job to make it look so real and keep you glued and wanting for more. You demand, they supply because they know the power these elements hold of people’s minds. You have been in this mass hypnosis cycle on media for years that you believe all of your ideas are your own, NO they are infiltrated … I said ill make an attempt because I’m caught up in the illusion too, it’s not a clever thing to deny but what’s better is at least you realize that you are living a lie. Nothing is more inspiring than a realization. P.S. Now that we’ve made learning concrete, will continue to stir you up even deeper!