I want to make this subject a series of blog, because my intention is to make you feel like what you think you know is still dwarfed by the vastness of what you don’t know.

Honestly, what the beep do you know?

You know this thing about awakening and seeing through the infiltration, its trending! Like so much, that I see #goodvibesonly on a platter of poached salmon at a restaurant!

I got smitten by the awakening trend in its true sense and how; literally like woken up by a nudge and I realized that I have been sleeping for 27 years now, actually less than that I’m sure because I had my blueprint clear even as I learnt walking and talking.

Anyway so as time went by, I got hooked by all worldly glitz, still am but degrees lesser than what it used to be and all of a sudden I saw a diversion, Ohh there’s a road here too,  I thought and at the start of the road it read,  “You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free”. Better sense prevailed and I took the road and it led to a rabbit hole.

From then on at my every step, my next best showed up! I was taken aback about how information started miraculously surfacing. I took it one at a time, sometimes a step as slow as a week or as fast as a blink.

There was something in movement and I began observing the movement, as if someone is  helping me really get there. I began talking to this power because learning became my new high! I said “Hey I might look gawky in my sleep shirt and stuff, but I’m ready!” Back then I used to do all the learning in the night because the day went by in driving to work and pretending!

I watched this documentary, pretty interesting and somewhere in between what caught my attention was- Our DNA is not double strand; 12 strands. But only two work and our scientists bestowed upon themselves the liberty to termed it Junk DNA.

I got over the information until now that it just clicked what it truly meant- AFTER TWO YEARS!!

This is in connection with your Ascension, your DNA activation and unlocking the codes within. Now read very carefully and comment in the box if there needs any spell-check!

Our Earth’s frequency is changing.

Feel this, I mean if my frequency has to change it partly comes from how I feel within and when my people are around or sometimes it even works well when Oscar’s not around (kidding). So if Earth’s frequency is changing, somebody’s higher frequencies are bombarded onto the Earth’s atmosphere or the Miss Earth must be feeling the need to raise her conscious herself. I leave it at your discretion!

If you ask me what has Earth’s frequency got to do with mine, sweetheart “As above so below” it’s the Nature’s law that anything that happens on the outside, the inside will leave no stone unturned to join in! The law further states “… as within so without”

When frequency raises it’s obvious that you cannot sleep any longer, it leaves you with no option but to wake up! This is DNA ACTIVATION.

DNA ACTIVATION? Don’t look it at it absurd  “Hey I got two strands of it and its all active” – Its more about activating the rest!

Not just the double helix is getting upgraded but the dormant ones are also waking up. This concept of DNA activation is backed by a new science. I really don’t care about what the Science cult say but I still researched a little bit so it feeds your belief. It’s called Epigenetic.

Your DNA can be activated. They are only asleep and through changing and healing our environment, we can re-activate and re-awaken our DNA. Well, this just gave you hope, didn’t it? despite of all the jacket of hopelessness you flaunt!

All the Scriptures, Yogis, Sages, Bards and Seers, the Ancient ones, sexuality and its transmutation, temple carvings every damn thing is about this. THERE IS POWER IN YOU. Don’t die without tapping, ( Read my blog Reincarnation- the white light trap if you haven’t already, it talks about the trap if you don’t tap!)

When DNA activation happens you may start to get “aha” moments or downloads. Like something that you read and went aha but made deeper understanding much later; its a sign that your DNA is activating and that your stepping in your power.

A Renegade- A System Buster!

Gee! that got the hair on my skin standing! Gentlemen, if you are bald, your hair will be standing up on your bald skulls too!

You may start to tap into some psychic, clairvoyant gifts. Your intuition becomes your guidance system and you start to realize your own divinity. We manifest and co-create our realities. We have been misguided to think we are not powerful beings. The toxins, chemicals, trauma, and societal programming cause our DNA to stay dormant and “asleep”. This is the true concept of “waking up”. 

Well played Controllers!! **Applauds** but you know what, I drink water, water has memory, therefore I have memory of my powers!

There are also things you can do to speed up activation. Throw up Junk, that’s precisely what Miss Earth is doing, not digesting plastics and all toxic. Eat only what is truly edible.

Hydrate. Water is the new wine. I cannot tell you how much of water your systems pull up to keep them functioning. Even the CPU’s go on liquids what’s your reason to hold back?

Watch what you taking in. Epigenetics proves that trauma and fear are passed down in our bloodline. Trauma keeps our minds in a state of PTSD. Heal the trauma and what truly happens is your changing from the beast mode (carbon state- 666) to crystalline based body..

As we clean and detox to become pure again, our dna will be activating more than just the two strands that we’ve been told. As this starts to happen, structure and crystals will start to form in your body!

The cleaner your body, the more information and ABSORPTION will start to happen from our environments. 

Did you know we can actually absorb information from the sun and other forms of nature? Throw your Sunglasses away, because they block information getting to you from the sun. Actually you can have them for Instagram pictures but don’t use them as blinders. The more information you receive the more light penetrates into your body  and I bet you need that for DNA activation.

This may all sound crazy, there is no point in time that can get better than now. Leverage it, your body is craving for a change!