It’s that time of the week, no it don’t need correction. This is a weekly cycle that comes knocking particularly on a Monday and then eventually gets better on a Thursday, Friday and fades down  the horizon by weekend  and pops up Monday, first thing!

The cycle is WHAT DO I DO IN LIFE?

Like how I was just yesterday at Bier Republic with beer in one hand and cheesy nachos in another or how nice it felt away from the city walking barefoot !

By the time we finish school and college we are very well turned into half baked morons ready to be chained to a wrong rhythm. Some happy realization souls still think they are capable of doing things more than they could imagine because once a while they get a glimpse of abundance.

Answers to these nobody can give, but some questions that could stir you up on what can I do with my life so I turn my every day, a holiday and dust off the ridiculous baggage , are here!

What is your favorite shit tasting Smoothie?

This is an imperative question; actually liberating ideas come of it! Everything comes when you act in spite of inconvenience. Everything is about inconvenience, to what degree are you convenient to have that shit flavored smoothie for breakfast determines the ability to stand for what that thing means to you, that you are willing to be disrupted at all levels and trouble your comfort.

If you want to be an artist, are you willing to be rejected over and over? If you want to be best at coding, are you willing to stay up all night?

What is it that the “little You” regrets when he/she looks up to you now?

When I was little, I would never get out with friends for evening games; I would be to myself writing for hours in my grandpa’s room, not because I wanted to show that I’m next best, but just run around at home getting approval from papa and my mother and their brows going up made me happy!!

But as I grew up, I forgot how that happiness left me..! You know as a child you’ll have it clear in your head what you are meant to do, trace back!

What is that thing you do that you give least credit to?

What makes you forget that you need sleep?

We do this, we do that, we give up; get easily distracted and comfortable and get into normality. What is it that makes you chuck normality and leap despite of all odds?

What is it that keeps the fire in your belly burning that you forget to eat and poop?

Just imagine that you are thrown out of your regular job and you can’t tell that at home so you have those 10 hours to do whatever you wanna do, but the rule is no Instagram, no Facebook and no phone! What would you do??

Play guitar on streets? Sell food on loafer’s lane?

Get your mind to talk you through your fancy ideas!

You have one year’s time left before you die, how do you want to be remembered?

Every time I think about death, it gets me thinking about my legacy. What can I do with my aura, that when they see it or feel it, they remember me? Knowyouniverse? Yes! But also that I gave chance to my human spirit to fly!

Don’t live on other people’s priority, you are your priority! Write a damn good story that makes every passerby at the cemetery to stop by and go “Mmmmm..:-)”

What embarrasses you?

To do a damn good job, you gotta first be blah at it; you gotta allow the world to laugh at you! And to make you feel embarrassed you gotta be willing to suck at it, its only a journey to your Greatness!

There is something that makes you go like, “I know, I know, I KNOW” but has no logic to it because you never did it before, just jump- great things happen when you are mid-air!

We all think we know ourselves better, do you really ??

Dive deep for it!