An orange haze hanging in the air, smoke filling the skies in all directions, belching smoke and soot, blanketing thick, dirty air, burning wildlife and destroying one the most important carbon storehouses left on the planet.

You heard the headlines few weeks ago? Burning them up in Amazon, Indonesia and everywhere else! The fires themselves are destructive and devastating, but their primary cause is more concerning; and for me to tell you about it-

Did you know that Earth is a being?

A being like you and me? I mean she is matter, she has her consciousness, she reproduces; has chakras of her own, she even has her sexual waters.

 The spring waters which you know as healing waters is nothing but Earth’s sexual waters. But for quite many years, her waters have run dry and the healing in spring water is not as much.

Think why? Ladies, what does it mean when your down is dry?

Two things. Either you’re rebuilding sexual energy or you are just too busy doing something else. For Earth it is the former. She is rebuilding her Chi, her sexual energy. Only when she feels sexual, her energy is going up her spine, sparking up her pineal gland and producing DMT, which is causing you and I to wake up!

How? I’ll tell you how!

It is the same with human body, what fuels your pineal gland to produce DMT,  is your sexual
energy and it is this DMT that helps one open up one’s consciousness.

If you’ve gone a little down the rabbit hole, you know that the Earth’s frequency is on the rise, from 7.83 Hz to about 21.5 Hz in the last few years.

And if you are wondering what has that got to do with you, sweetheart “As above so below” it’s the Nature’s law that anything that happens on the outside, the inside will leave no stone unturned to join in! The law further states “… as within so without”

When frequency raises, it means the vibration is vigorous and  it’s obvious that you cannot sleep any longer, it leaves you with no option but to wake up! This is DNA ACTIVATION. It is not magic but inter-connection that we are one consciousness.

This is stuff that “they” don’t want you to know, that everything is connected.

“They” don’t want YOU to wake up, “They” don’t want HER to wake up either. So,

THEY BURN HER UP, THEY BURN HER DMT that is causing you to see the truth, waking up to lies, to the Government agenda

If you didn’t know, Earths DMT comes from its flora and fauna. Burning DMT is a world-wide agenda. That’s what they do to you.

The food that you eat is acidic. The air you breathe is heavily contaminated by smart dust, chemtrails and contrails. The water you drink is fluoridated. They plan against you by vaccinating because clearly if it were meant to immune you, you wouldn’t be struck down by flu. Another one, is the Porn industry. Many don’t see this coming but it is keeping you from raising your sexual energy.

Question is why are they after YOU? What is it about YOU that scares them so much?

In China it’s called Chi, in India it is Prana, in the West they call it Soul, to the religious it’s a spark of divinity that connects you to the Universe and to the skeptics it is a series of chemical reaction in your pineal gland producing DMT.

Because then you will wake up to realizing that you are much more powerful than you dare imagine you will begin to understand what a half baked moron you were, signing up to get dressed and get hurt by the system.

With the Earths DMT burning and causing fire, is there anything you can do about it?

Well, what you think can stop fire? That which can stop fire is in your blood, it’s in your DNA and for that I need to show you, who you really are.

What is common is the Spiral, the oldest structure in existence. This spiral energy is the natural expression of water, of galaxy, of a storm, your finger print, belly button, hair whorls, your DNA spirals and even how you evolved is a spiral.

This geometry in motion creates a vortex (spiraling from bottom to top) arching outwards, repeating endless, like in the picture below. This is called the Toroidal field.

This electromagnetic field energy is around everything living and inanimate. An apple has it, so does an atom. It is described as a cocoon luminous body around the physical body and most often in a human it is called Aura. Well, it has various other names– Torus field, Chi, Life-force, Soul, Kundalini, Orgone Energy.

This torus field around you called Aura is a state of water, which you and I were not taught in school. It is called Plasma. Plasma is a state between solid (ice) and liquid (water), like in Sanskrit what is known as Atma state of water.

Now this guy called Wilhelm Reich, a psychoanalyst in the late 1920’s said something about this Orgone energy that is synonymous with life force within you-Watch the link.

He basically figured out a way to use this energy within to control weather. To bring rain and wash away fire, to bring rain and impregnate the farmer’s land.

The Orgone sexual energy spirals the water in your body literally connecting the waters above (clouds) to the waters below (your body) and all you need is to set intention to your sexual orgone energy to bring cloud burst and bring rain.

Why you thing this energy will listen to you?

Because this energy is nothing but plasma a form of water and water my friend, is alive and responds to intention. Water is a concept that is connected to the idea of life.

The function of your sexual energy is not just a fleeting 5 second orgasm. At no other time in the history of this planet has human consciousness been higher than it is right now.

Wake up rain-bringers!