The world we are living in today is an ardent believer that men and women possess exactly the same skills, aptitudes and potentials. The danger is, it leaves us on an extremely shaky ground. We fail because men still don’t understand why a woman can’t be more like a man and women expect their men to behave just like they do. Truth is men and women are not equals but equal parts of one union which makes them different. Not better or worse-just different.

It’s not only important that you come to grips with the opposite sex but also with yourself. The early you understand this, the lesser you’d repeat this life. Don’t belittle yourself battling such arguments. You are here to experience human life ( Human life?? FLASH news, ah ha so I’m not a human?, NO YOU ARE NOT) and you are expected to love and be loved.

A human’s unending search has been for a love that would last! The first time I was in love, dopamine shooting up; it felt heaven knows this is lasting forever! Little did I know it’s hazy and uncertain; above all I’m hindering somebody else’s perfect match! But you see, when these hormones are on a high, everything else dwindles..

Problem with everything that is human; be it even human love is, it follows law! This one follows the law of diminishing marginal utility; The first time you had tea does not work the same as the 4th cup, likewise you will never be able to love like you did for the very first time; it keeps diminishing! The love that is meant to be undivided, divides among the first, the second and third and fades away! And then you give up, this thing called love is not my cup of tea!

Aye! you are born of love, to love and be loved..

In another account of creation, man was created from dust and was brought to life by the breath. Fast-forward, man was then put to deep sleep and out of his rib, a woman was formed, which means man was first androgynous and then femininity of a man was separated which is called woman. The man and his woman sinned and divinity separated from them. The good news is you can still bring back the divinity.

It’s a story to belong! You need to ultimately belong to a significant someone. God knows it’s not okay for a man to be alone, your significant someone is bound by destiny it will happen anyway but first belong to yourself! Don’t struggle with the idea to fit in the hall of fame of being committed! The right picture is don’t make it happen, let it happen…

You are a child of light and you are put here on earth to master human life- to be kind , to be spreading love , to make a worth living, to make relationships work, to learn emotional stability and most often it drains you because you’ve forgotten the drill. The drill is what is called the awakening; by chance you missed remembering to awaken before you leave, there isn’t any elevator, you gotta repeat life!

I hope you play better, interesting characters till it’s that life where you feel you’ve accomplished living a thousand lives in one and BOOM, what happens in the ordinary is your Twinflame.

Twinflame is the only half of your soul and this you’ll know. It’s in your Akashi record.

The story is, after being split, the two went separate ways incarnating over and over to gather human experience before coming back together. When Twinflame happens it would be another low profile day, no eclipse no violins! Infact there would be nothing in common but spiritually just another version of you. It would seem like you’ve known the soul ever since fossils were flesh!

When you look at your flame memories of the distant past play; connection is telepathic and hugging each other is like coming home for nourishment. The biggest reason twinflames have separated is so they work on their emotional well being; only purpose then on will be to accelerate the spiritual awareness. They get on the fast track of learning and this is what it is when “God puts together no man will dare separate!

The chance of meeting your twinflame depends on how evolved your soul is and how much of baggage you’ve cleared. Its a relation rare on planet earth, however owing to the evolved consciousness and the Age of the Aquarius, you might just have this uncanny feeling..!

Rise; and you will have yours!

Let love guide you…

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