Twinflame. Have you heard of a connection like this? No, I DON’T mean to say Soul-Mates, I mean TWINFLAME. Do you know what it is?

Read this: Twinflame; It’s a story to belong

The story of a Twinflame is ancient.

When you didn’t have a body and were pure Aura, pure soul; your soul was split into two. You and your split-soul had to go separate ways to learn stuff, experience life individually, build relationships, some romantic-some frantic, learning valuable lessons, reincarnating, trying to spark up the magic within; it was ages of learning, a very long separation.

And it was destined,

destined for them to come back; but only as a whole

You know the generic perception that you and most of the world have/had of an ideal relationship, like-

My love, you are all that I need.

 I wanna spend the rest of my life with you.

I wanna marry you, come home to you everyday.

You are the shoulder that I cry on.

We make love, me make babies someday.

And I wanna be with you for the rest of my days

And grow old together.

A perfect Man-Woman connection. A strong, romantic bond between two people, a Soul-Mate connection, versus-

I have set your heart on fire,

you will never burn like that again, except with me.

Do you feel it?

Twinflame is on another level entirely.

Twinflame are different from soul-mates. You can have different soul-mates but you have only one Twinflame. You may have a partner or be married to your soul-mate but it may not always be your Twinflame.

Soul-mates are souls of same energy field, like souls of the same family, but your Twinflame is a YOU that’s playing outside of you. Your mirror. Your Soul can never make a mistake when claiming its own. When your Twinflame manifests you are literally looking at yourself-. It’s like the cat down the lane just found out that there’s a mirror dimension and is totally awestruck and life for him was never the same!

If this made you flare your dream bubble thinking that a Twinflame encounter is an intensified version of life – Man and woman in marriage, settling down , having a nice little house
with a white picked fenced
– you are gonna have a rude awakening!

Your flame will start burning things in you- Old patterns, sub-conscious beliefs, Karma. They can rip the covers back on all the facades you’ve built, the lies you’ve bought into, the ways in which you’ve kept yourself small, the hidden addictions, the secrets, the lies, the deepest fears, the ways in which you’ve compromised and it tears down the defenses you have erected to keep yourself “safe” . It’s an immediate and intense connection; really old and you will have no control over
the transformation in you.

No, don’t panic, you are ready for this, else you wouldn’t have manifested your Twinflame in the
first instance. The moment your Twinflame shows up, it means you’ve done a great job working on yourself and now the Universe wants to  Level up! This type of love —is the type of love that shatters your entire worldview and makes you question everything you have previously thought to be true is not an easy path because it requires you to level up, in every way.

It’s strange how the idea of a Twinflame, even though very ancient was never famous in the study of understanding relationship spiritually, but the concept of Soul-mate was in the buzz all around!

Well, it all has got to do with the Earth’s changing frequency.

The Indian Rishis knew 7.83Hz as the frequency of Om. It also happens to be Earth’s natural heartbeat known as the Schuman Resonance. This frequency has been steady for over a period of time with only slight variations. However, since 2014, the recording systems have shown a sudden spike to around 8.5Hz and accelerating as fast as 21.5Hz .

A fair reason why something as ancient as Twinflame is beginning to surface into collective
consciousness through people’s changing DNA. Not just the concept is coming
into picture but  more and more of Twinflame are uniting this lifetime which makes me write about this in case you bump into someone so uncanny.

What manifests Twinflame?

Even though their destined, a Twinflame union is not easy. It takes a lot of inner work through
reincarnations and struggles of human experiences. You might have to burn through the furnace of learning patience, love, and other virtues of life. You certainly have to walk through rough patches, learning and sometimes unlearning even;

The first stage of manifesting your Twinflame is Catastrophe.

You may be going through – a painful breakup, a nasty divorce or an end of an abusive
relationship. The end of this carries you through, initiating you to understand to value yourself more; and that moment when you learn to love YOU better, to love YOU higher and you feel whole again- the Universe will square it up and give YOU back to you- Your Twinflame! One original consciousness returning to each other.

You will still have inhibitions from the past, setting up guards from emotional vulnerability, not
necessarily wanting to plunge into romantic unions instantly, but when it is time the cosmic forces step down to bring you closer.

And when you come together; honey, it is impossible for people to stay calm because it’s a type
of union that exerts a strong powerful influence on people showing a different form of relationship that two people can have. Literally like a #couplegoals but outside the grid nothing like flooding the Instagram profile with pictures of your union.

What does a Twinflame union feel like?

Well, you met at a strange serendipity circumstances as if you were guided to each other. You will
feel like you’ve known the person forever, even though you’ve just met. For reasons unknown you’ll connect. A feeling to belong- a home coming.

You are on the same song. A match in wave –length that passes all understanding, a match like never before because you have an identical core-energy frequency that you share with
no one else in the Universe. As you discover, you will feel a sense of your lives having developed parallel with experiences mirroring each other. You will start putting the puzzle together and understand that the catastrophe that happened was building up to this union.

You will find out who you truly are as you drop your guard and be completely yourself .A sense of secret world like nothing outside matters, authentic you will start showing up. You’ve met the person in dreams, you know it was in a different plane and then you will see increased synchronicities and number patterns repeating, especially 11.11 , triggering you to remember your connection.

The connection is instant just one look and you will know that this person is from the ancient
past, a life that you shared together in a different timeline. You’ll discover yourselves
more than they would have had with other people.

You’ll feel a tingling sensation, like wanting energies to merge, intense eye contact as if you are seeing each other beyond the body. I mean its just intense! You can further check the link and see if you feeling more of this: 

34 Signs You Are in a Twin Flame Relationship

What’s the purpose of a Twinflame Union

The real purpose of Twin Flame is not about an epic love story — it’s to wake you up, shake you up and call you higher. It is a gift presented by the Divine — one you can only grasp fully when you’ve released all the smaller things you’ve been clinging to for so long that no longer serve you.

When Twinflames unite,
they illuminate each other’s souls, heal all that was shrouded. You feel
without a doubt that you have been brought together for some higher purpose and
get on the path to practice sacred sex or white Tantra because that’s the key!

Physical intimacy becomes a communication between the flames.

They realize there is more to sex than being lustful and squandering all the semen for that five
second fleeting ecstasy. They begin to be mindful of their sacred space of sex, and realize the programming of explicit sexual moves inducing desires in one. It gets much clearer now that practicing lustful sex, having flings and casual sexual encounters with strangers are all a very dangerous things!

The programming shows that Sex is very exciting (which it is) and live to indulge in it (which you should) but what they don’t tell you is the greatest secret of all-  You can practice as much sex as you like but as long as you do not release the fluids. Why retain fluids? I got a whole blog written about it already- go check!

Its always good for you to practice sex with one because it’s a lot of exchange, a whole spectrum of information of that individual is downloaded into your DNA. You didn’t get that, did you?

So for instance, when you kissing, its an exchange of saliva. That body fluid contains information
about your ancestors (what if that person’s forefather was a pedophilia or the grandmother a satanic witch!), hormones, parasites from previous lovers and all its entourage- its all transferred to you.

You don’t wanna have all that bagging onto you, do you?  Suddenly you will realize that you’ve become more jealous, and you always want to know what your partner is doing; it may not always be you, it could by far be the acquired parasites and entities that you got in your body
when you went about casually sexing people.

You didn’t know but that heavily reprogrammed your DNA. The 64 codeons  are all confused and they don’t reproduced in order that they are supposed to that’s why some get obese, some anorexic, while the others get depressed , some get suicidal and others all of a  sudden

“Oh im gay, I got this new male lover and I’m so happy”

It’s all in you, you wanna have promiscuous sex because it’s programmed in YOU. Question is how did it get in you?

It’s like you were at this party and you liked everybody going wild and lose, kissing each other, you allowed the person close to you and that got into your DNA and now you go back home feeling agitated, wanting to go back for more- Honey, the demons have already gotten into you!

So the Twinflame is aware of such entities and ways they can creep into their bodies. They protect their bond and practice semen retention wanting to transmute it. They want to
indulge in a sacred space protecting their sacred sexual exchange and the kind of sex practiced between the two is meant for ascension.

Yeah, I mean like the idea of how “Jesus” ascended! So the idea is always to transmute lust to love. The idea is to internalize the orgasm. It is all alchemical and it raises the Christ consciousness within, there by raising the Earth’s changing frequency and make way for a New Age.