When we think about laws, what runs on your mind?

A court of appeal. Some legalities may be?? A building which screams fear where you might be proven wrong when you’re right. Where “Trust me, I’m a lawyer” is more convenient to believe it’s a myth or just apprehensions of you being caged.

I get ripples that basically “Law” stimutes a no good feeling inside. But do you know it’s a painted picture? A wicked picture of you to Obey or Jail.

We are not bound by any of these laws. Honestly these are not even laws. They are mere rules or what is right to call Legalities.

Legalities cannot chain a living; it can only be applied to a person or a corporation. A corporation is an entity; it’s a corpse. Not living. A person is the one bearing your name on the birth certificate.

You are NOT a person. You are a Man. A Woman. You are living, then why do they count you among the dead?

Does it ring a bell that when you are asked for your identification, you being present there as a proof of your identification does not suffice. You know why? Because they need a proof of the person on your birth certificate that’s bearing your name and not the living you. You don’t come under any of these legalities but the person on the birth certificate does.

The day you register your birth, you become a property. What we are under is fictional and O how seriously we have been taking it! It’s a system owned to enslave.

We are free and sovereign.

What actually are “Laws” are forgotten. Even before we make an attempt to understand these, you need to strip off the jacket; you need to shush the audacity of that personal pronoun, no Egos, no Sh-egos (because women have their own kind of egos!).

These are The Universal laws and you are truly and only bound by these laws. These are laws put in place to free you and not to fear; to grip you and not chain.

There are twelve, but of most energetic ones are 7.

Thoth or Hermes is the one who gave us these 7 Hermetic principles.

The principles of truth are seven; He who knows these, understandingly, possesses the magic key before whose touch all the doors of the temple fly open. – The Kyballion

There was time when we were very conscious and fully aware; slowly we fell into deep sleep, this dormant consciousness is what’s depicted in the Sleeping beauty and she cannot be woken up by a splash of water or a kick on the butt, but only with true love.

To wake up your consciousness is a task because it’s deep inside, beyond your physical reach; to get to the inside of your inside; needs love, stillness and patience.

Thoth has been waiting on you for a hundred thousand years now, to rise to his level to give you incredible teachings so you know who you really are.

These Laws apply to everything; there isn’t a “thing” that doesn’t exist outside the law. It is all inclusive. Everything that ever is, has Energy, Matter and Consciousness.

You know how magic happens, (I’m talking about the actual magic, not tricks…)

You think if you said the mountain to move, it will move? You think your ABRACADABRA will work and you’ll start teleporting? You really think your command will work and you will be able to turn lead into gold?

IT WILL. If you know who of the three you gotta command.


To be continued…