“There are some socks that shouldn’t be washed by your mom.”

You know what I mean! As much as you might be cringing, how fierce should this be that the reaction to the subject arouses and reflects the spicy nature of the sexual energy!

If the agitated you anytime looked up in despair to question “Why say no to masturbation…?” I’m heaven sent.

“When agitation is controlled, there is wonder”

You know, when you turn into an adolescent, you want to explore your body (sexual parts), when you know of it, it gets you agitated, you wanna keep having the sexual outburst every now and then which with the level at what we vibrate is alright; the tough part is to tame the energy because when you overcome agitation, what is left behind is – awe!

Let him who seeks continue seeking until he finds. When he finds, he will become agitated. When he becomes agitated, he will be astonished, and he will rule over the All.”

Sexual desire is a serpent, I don’t label it good or bad; that bit is for you to decide!

However this one thing is certain.The serpent within is unstable as a dynamite, it can transport you to a sublime state of bliss and delight or cast you into the darkest pit . It is so powerful that if you give in, it will destroy. If you nurture it, you will go places within yourself.

Now the juicy part. Why is semen so precious to be retained? It of course carries DNA but the answer lies in its formation..

From what you eat comes juice or chyle;

from chyle comes blood;

from blood, flesh;

from flesh, fat;

from fat, bones;

from bones, marrow;

and lastly from marrow, semen. It is the last essence but it is the Essence of Essence.

When you masturbate, that serpent turns inch by inch into a powerful psycho transformer squeezing every ounce of energy from every cell in your body, consuming all focus and overpowering every vibe for a great apocalypse! It’s so tempting for you to spill- YOU SPILL, IT’S YOUR END!

Baby, there is not-a-thing that can recoup the lost seminal energy; not even Almonds, Ayurvedic tonics or Chavanprash!

Sex is never solo, it is meant to bring two people as power.

Shiv in himself is a destroyer but with Shakthi- his primordial feminine energy, is power!. Perhaps that’s why the quote “A man shall obtain siddhi (power) with his own Shakti.”

Even with two people the ground rule is same, no spilling vital fluids.

It might seem almost impossible to retain semen, you may even spill some with the intent of trying to retain; baby, nothing about spirituality comes fast and easy. may be it’s the mechanism to prep you, to teach you control, to teach you to withstand and then take you past this orbit.

The sexual act performed in the usual way may give you a slight mention of divine ecstasy, but more it cannot because the energy instead of being trapped and put in use to get to higher consciousness is creating a new physical body.

The fruit of sexual craving is certainly meant to be children but what is long forgotten is what’s in the Gnostic.`

Adam and Eve were forbidden to eat the fruit from the tree of good and evil (the tree is direct reference to knowing that there is power in human to create) perhaps Divinity himself wanted to guide man and woman to a distant place, unlocking the mystery to just let one sperm to birth a baby. That could possibly be the concept of honeymoon even!

If you think there is no need for divine to interfere in a sexual act, can you lend just one sperm to your woman without spilling any? (hah, reminds me of Merchant of Venice– Gimme one pound of flesh without any drop of blood!)

Now I see this.

Were our ancestors performing sexual act in temples with their woman waiting on divine to help them master it?

Is this why the ancient Egyptians used Ankh so their sexual energy goes right back into their bodies and they experience higher frequency of love?

The hidden trinity is Man, Woman and the creative sexual fire (Holy spirit) and that’s why mocking of the spirit is a never forgiven.

The secret to become a perfect Adam, a perfect Shiv is in your Sacral Chakra; Dive deep.