“You are energy”

You would have come across this reflection atleast once in your life lifetime, and you still buy Red bull?? Don’t look like you’ve just made a boo boo, nothing can influence you unless you sign up for it.

There is status, religion, matter, gender, facade and then there is TRUTH. Bold and bare.

Without giving you split second to introspect, there is world constantly telling you who you are,  what you should be racing towards and we are leaving no stone unturned to match the false standards. The danger in it is if you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you will never even attempt to familiarize with the real you.

 What is the real YOU? Besides your name and your fame? Even if you looked into the mirror and pointed towards it saying its you, I’m sorry, but that’s only your image. It’s always been about “MY name”, “MY fame”, “MY image”

Anything that you add to “MY”  is audacity of the personal pronoun…!

There is no “me”. That “me” that you claim you are, is acquired. All of that actually is only your possession- My heart, My life, My soul, My will, My thinking, My existence; if I strip down all of my possessions I am left with ‘nothing…’ .We have very well managed to misunderstand your possessions to be the real you.

In the beginning was ‘nothingness’, so if you are at a point where you think you are nothing, that’s the beginning! And the next time you hear “You are nothing” wear it, it’s your pride!

All that I add to “my“, becomes mine..                                                                       

And all that I add to “I am”, I become

“I” is the Spirit. One infinite, boundless spirit in whom we live, move and have our being; who imparts all life and intelligence and action that we posses. In reality, then, all that can say “I” is the creative principle of the Universe. Man can say “I” only because he reflects the self knowledge of God and therefore I am an unrepeatable miracle, I am strong, I am energy,  I am loved, I am yours, I am life, I can breathe..

All that you claim to be yours, man is only building the illusion that masquerades as self consciousness but in actual it’s  somebody’s undeserving grace. Be aware you’re not making it happen, it’s seamlessly happening! Aristotle was not a thinker. Thoughts were happening to him and he only put his name on it. If I took a pause I don’t know what I’d think next. So who is thinking for me?

Silence the false sense of “I”, your genuine selfhood will become more apparent.