“And the day came when the risk to remain held in a bud was more pleasurable than the risk it took to blossom.”

– Sexual Transmutation.


To transmute is to completely change the state of being of your very nature. Nothing of LGBT agenda, but a Metamorphosis; a sacred secret is held. It’s in the word, the result of that transmutation is a mutant, someone who is different, who is changed.

Every scripture calls you to transmute, but How?

“Man has in him potentially the sum and substance of the Universe”

How do you like when you hear things that touch your soul and stir your spirit? Most times its obvious that you resonate with it. If it doesn’t then maybe you have willfully given them the permission to keep you on local anesthesia.

It is true that something in you elevates corresponding these quotes, but have you thought why? of what is it about yourself that’s so special? What treasure do you hold?

While you try and get to your potential, there are also powers that don’t want you to know about it because they are scared you’ll find out who you really are. They like you dumb, distracted and deceived. Earlier it was the Church’s role to mislead now they just got few mechanisms in place and gleefully you do it all by yourself!

Regardless of what you believe to be inevitably true, it is pretty interesting to think about what I write next and the ultimate gift if you can absorb.

The secret is in the symbol of Mercury’s Caduceus (the so called medical symbol).Go back and take a look at the featured picture for this blog- a little closely!

It’s the crux for transmutation – Spinal Column, that’s where all the juice lies.  Your spine not just holds your body upright but an enigma of what it carries within.

Inside your spine is a marrow or a secretion from a gland called Claustrum that sits in your upper brain, secreting oil. That secretion is called the cerebro- spinal fluid. In greek it is called Christos which means oil.

This story of physiology is what is there in every text, every scripture and every child’s story.

The staff of Moses with which he splits open Red sea is a connotation to your spinal cord. The very structure of Lord Ganesha’s head is an undertone of your brain extended into spine. Claustrum the gland from which the oil descends down the spine is Santa Clause hurrying down the Chimney. The 33 vertebra forming the spine is the 33 years of Christ (which is not a person but Christos -the Oil) before ascension. The ida and pingala- the two nadis climbing up the Sushumna is the rising up of the cerebro spinal fluid the solar and the lunar forces in us. In Genesis it’s called Adam and Eve.

In Greek Mythology, Caduceus was the Staff of Hermes Trismegistus- modern day called Mercury. Why? Because the oil which is mercury like is meant to be raised up the spinal column which will help you ascend like wings. This is also the serpent in the Scriptures that is quick to slither.

 The top of the Caduceus has wings meaning to say Mercury gives us wings (It’s not Redbull, just saying) it transmutes the two serpent energies to take you higher.

The Caduceus belongs to Mercury for a reason.

The spinal column is what holds the body upright not just physically but consciously. Our spiritual body is held upright by the forces that flow through the spinal column and what flows in it is a fluid.

That fluid allows forces and energies to move up and down the spine through the nervous systems, like a sort of conductor and it’s salty in nature. That fluid is directly related with the fluid through which the brain floats; also it’s the same fluid that is related with the sexual energy.

Chemically, sexual energy and the fluid in the spinal column and around the brain are almost similar.

The waters in sex, the spine, and the mind are ruled by Mercury. They are Mercurial. It begins to make sense if you think about it a little.

What causes the Mercury to rise up?

 It’s the heat, the Sexual Fire. 

Your spinal column is a staff. It’s the Mercury’s caduceus. It’s the staff that rests on your foundation, your genitals and it’s the same genitals that enliven your nervous system producing the electric shock – Orgasm, destroying your vitals (nervous system, brain and the sexual organs). That’s why one looses out on sensation when one keeps spilling the fluid.

Why would you, damage you, by center shocking you so many times?

On the other side where the grass is not so green and the priests, monks, and nuns, who observe what they call “Chastity” but they do not transmute their sexual energy; makes them fanatic, or they become very cynical, or homosexual, or  masturbate which depletes the vitals. One of these is bound to happen, because Sexual energy must act.

Sex is not just to multiply. That sort of thinking is very shallow. Sex helps in transmuting. If you save your fluid from Orgasm, what happens is you begin to collect that energy and by giving it the right about of heat, you will transmute.

The art is to heat the Mercury at the right temperature.