“Everything is Dual; everything has poles, everything has its
pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are
identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet;
all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be

The Kybalion.

You see for every that there is, there’s a seed of an identical or greater advantage.

There’s a Yes and a No, there’s Birth there’s Death, for every Breakdown there is a Breakthrough and behind every Lie is a bare Truth; but what makes it opposite is the degree-

There is water which is unbiased, if you freeze it, it drops in temperature, you boil it and it rises in temperature. So to say it is only water, what makes it opposite (cold/ hot) is the degree at which it vibrates

Everything attains completion by manifesting itself in the opposite direction to that from which it started.

A 24 hour cycle is complete only with the other side of midnight. You will never glorify light if you don’t understand that its authentic source is the dark.  Sowing is brought to completion on reaping. Seed appears to be rotting in the depth of the soil, but it gains so much power in the dark that it rises towards light.

Likewise, the spiritual and the physical aspects are basically different poles of one mind.For anything to exist there has to be an exact equal opposite. This is law and it is inevitable whether you pay heed to it or not!!

It has the potential to transform you from a victim to a victor!

There was a man that went horribly broke; at first he didn’t see anything good in it but after a lot of thinking he made up his mind never to be this broke or broken and so he began to look at all the good things that came out of his bankruptcy.

He had a lot of spare time, He had time to consider his passion, he grew closer to his wife and all of this got him a clear picture about his purpose.

So, how bad was the bankruptcy really? Difficult, but it came with many seeds of greater advantage. If only your cup is empty will it overflow…

Everything happens according to Law; what you call chance is only a term for Law not recognized how much more power would it harness if you used this law consciously?