Principle of Mentalism

The All is mind; The Universe is mental– The Kyballion

This first principle is the truth that ‘All is Mind’. At an underlying level, the Universe is a mental construct.

In a man’s perspective. When a couple wants to have a baby, they first THINK of having a baby, that is the core of the singularity of consciousness- the actual origin of the baby in one dimension. On conception, the plan gets to 2D when they see the development of the baby through ultra sound and complete it’s manifestation in 9 months.

From then on the infant’s domain expands from the womb to the room to home to neighborhood to the city, the country, to planet to galaxy and beyond; each sphere occupying a greater realm in its mind. You see how the parent’s mind is connected to the infant..!

In any creation, its origin is always the inter-connected mind. There is nothing outside of it. And that’s how you are forever joined to your source. You may not see it, but every virtual reality movie you’ve watched has been telling you the truth that our so called external world is fabricated from the accumulated perceptions you have invited through your thoughts.

Imagine a couple of blind men trying to describe an elephant. One feeling the elephant’s ear and says it as flat and thin. Another, touching a leg relates that it is thick and cylindrical, yet another grasping the tail says that the elephant is like a rope. Each one, shares an incomplete, yet somewhat valid piece of the whole, within the limited context of their senses.

Now you think of the vast world population and that many different perceptions, all projecting different parts of the same holographic illusion. What we don’t realize is we are painting the same entity as different only because we are blinded and cannot see the full picture.

If you really want to know, it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things.

You need to clear off your personal information, because these laws are too heavy a download.  It is always there and eager to show you but for that you need to keep your mind space clean and clear.

The knowingness that the “I AM” identity never changes, regardless of what the drama of human existence maybe.

It always revolves around the spiritual center that is within you and every soul that has ever walked on this plain. The nested shells of reality that surround us can be convincing illusions, yet the master key remains within, where the light of our oneness originates.

In you is the power same as your creator. Your mind is an extension of that All knowing mind.  That is why so much is said about guarding your thoughts, because your mind is Heaven, your life exists in your mind.

This principle is a discovery that the entire Universe is dreamed into existence by the mind of The All and we might want to keep this law “in mind” 🙂