Principle of Correspondence:

As above so below, as within so without

This axiom has the most unique premises; you know why because it’s all over.

Honesty these are layers of realization, this correspondence to the microcosm and the macrocosm; there are planes and phenomena beyond our knowing, because our body is limited to the spectrum of visible light and audible sound; yet there is still so much more than enough waiting on you, to see.

Outer world is only a reflection of the inner world wanting to be shown in the plain sight. Man is a whole world of his own, called microcosm, he displays a miniature pattern of the Universe.

-The Zodiac above with 12 constellations is below as Human Zodiac with 12 pairs of Cranial nerves


-Vortexes of energy in the human body – Chakras, correspondingly Gaia, mother Earth has Chakras too.


-It’s the Fibonacci sequence that goes spiraling in the tornado, the galaxy and your finger print even!


-Electromagnetic field of the heart also called Toroidal field, is also around the earth as its magnetic field. As the Universe, so the Soul.

-Look at the walnut; it’s got a brain structure!


-You think it’s coincidental, that a woman’s menstrual cycle is same as 28 day moon cycle?


-Aum is the vibration that the Sun resonates; a primordial sound from which all creation is emerged. Aum is the same I am that brings forth what is in you.


-Your hair is the extension of your nervous system, so are the roots in a tree


-Pyramids aligning to Orion’s belt is not by chance!

This is clear voice that-  in you are the same mechanics: As you think, so you become. What is within, so is out.

All of this may wrestle with the logic that’s ingrained in our minds; but are you willing to pause and see what it shows? are you willing to let go of winning the battle in your mind all the time? are you willing to let go what was taught?

Observing what’s visible will roll open a carpet to what’s not visible.

When you pay heed to the most basic level of creation you will gain insight into all that is possible on all levels of creation. If cells can regenerate and heal themselves on the most basic level than why do we doubt that the body can heal itself as a whole?

This is the Principle of Correspondence in action!