…and only managed a few shallow breaths before you passed into eternity.

Even before you realized, you are already up and after a brief explanation of your blueprint, you start on your journey through the tunnel with a repeated thought  “Is this really happening to me?”

And You begin to form again. Knitting inside your mother’s womb and all things made new.

As years happen you forget how miraculously you were formed and start getting caught in the stitch, thinking-

How much more do I do to get that degree…!

what should I say at the interview that I get the job?

what do I do with the money earned, spending it or getting the money churned?

You may have a life insurance, you work hard and you think you secure your people but that’s no trophy. If you don’t secure you first, chances are you fall, they fall!

Baby, if you don’t strip your fantasy about life, You are gonna be a 3rd grader running through the loop all your lives.

What have YOU done to rescue YOU?

You better have a plan now to die well; death is the only certain thing that’s been in vogue forever!

Fear about death is only a mirage; I don’t know of its origin but the closer you look; it’s a loyal entourage. It seems like we’ve always been bent on making death something it’s not.

Death is not all destruction; it’s only about slipping into eternity. There is always awe in finding treasure where we only thought to find tragedy.

It is separation for things to be united. It urges us to sketch life , be it to your body or to your third eye.

You are actually learning to live by preparing to die. Don’t waste death. Let its reality not paint despair over all of life.

Funerals can be happy too; for where the end is, there the beginning.