I was born intelligent but education ruined me; “Then what” I exclaimed.

With education comes strong judgment, falsification and facade. Not just education but all of those belief systems that we are expected to orbit, actually reduce you so that you be acceptable in the society. In my humble opinion, deny your rational mind and understand the connectedness and purpose of all things; take learning as all that you’ll ever need because education is not going to get to anywhere.

With every subject, comes a tag.

  • Math – Intelligence glorified
  • Science –Mysteriously genious
  • History -What for
  • Language -whatever
  • Music, photography, dance – oh you mean the extras!

but if you asked the “born intelligent” on the application of metraton’s cube – it’s dupe!

Nobody is ever taught that Math and Science is the language of the universe; the language of reality.

Nobody is taught that Phi and Pie are numbers that are out of this dimension.

Nobody is taught that inside of you is an overwhelming science of knowing- A divine ecstasy!

How wondrous would the child feel if we showed him that the geometric patterns that is in their text book is there in every substance of the universe- the galaxies, the storm, the flower, the animals and in himself.

Instead, we are to think alike, do alike and look alike; breeding competition and restricting free thinking which is the quintessentially cloning.

Once you master think alike, do alike and look alike, you are pushed to do different, think different, act different.

“Hang on -wasn’t it what I was doing at the very beginning?”– thought the little confused mind.

Sort your mind first because that is what is going to be fed to the next generation. There is dichotomy to everything even inside your body and outside; this corresponds to the Hermetic principle ‘as above so below’  which means every ounce of my being corresponds to the macrocosm.

Scripture tells us that Christ died at the age of 33. This may not be history, but certainly a story of physiology.

This, in the microcosm corresponds to the oil secretion in claustrum (one of glands in the brain) that’s called Christos which passes through the 33 vertebrae. What if the blood post on the wall of every Hebrew household that was a divine covenant corresponds to the tearing of hymen marked by blood which is a promise of a man and woman?

Children are star seeds; it’s a mind in the least contaminated form. Why don’t we just watch them grow; why don’t we abstain from a pre defined teaching. Pump in lots of love and science so when they are out on their own it stands in their defense. Don’t teach them God because he has no form and no attraction, there is no beauty that the child will desire Him. But if you teach them high spirit and patterns, in the natural, the child will seek supernatural.

Never insult the liberty of mind instead stitch wings to it. You have a record of memory as long as Thoth’s age. Don’t allow education wash it.