It is raining Abundance!

Where?, I’m seeking it…

“What you seek, is seeking you.”

Phenomenal! So should I continue seeking or Be still?

That I leave to your discretion.

We are people always in pursuit. We run after illusions that we have created for ourselves on prosperity, stability, happiness, abundance and to support that illusion we keep going round and round the garden– Chasing; but what if that thing that you are going after is right behind you, waiting on you to stop by and look? What if actually what you need is only A PAUSE?

If you clear the cataract, you will see that the whole of the grid work we are in never gives a minute to pause, never gives a minute to be still. Work, assignments, TV, phones, music and above all- endless chatter in the mind. We are so addicted to methodical routines that we get so restless with empty moments The wrestle is not with the flesh, it’s with the mind.

The Chase might be worthwhile, but that “chasing” is only a belief rooting from the thought “No pain no gain” and so we continue chasing round the clock!

Beliefs are formed from ideas about reality; those ideas pass through time and become facts, which in turn, appear and define what you see because that is what they have told you.

Now, how about a change in belief? A diametrically opposed version of it- The Universe does not demand that you struggle. Whatever you want comes effortlessly

What you just did, makes you forget “chasing” for a moment and pause that insane belief which is accumulated in the atoms of your being. It brings you to the Now. It brings you to a standstill and a possibility that nature is actually flexible and impotence comes from a belief that you have no control over your environment.

The air is full of you, whatever you think- in all possibilities or limiting beliefs; your aura sends forth to make it happen. Your cells listen to the frequency emitted by your thoughts and they are continuously modulating and rearranging to send accurate signals to attract whatever you want. It begins to line up synchronicities connecting to the opportunity that is in alignment with your thoughts.

The more aware you are of the program that works in your biology, the easier it is to create what you want. When you master this, it has no option but to manifest.

It is a process, if you interrupt it (fear, worry, stress) the mechanism is to cancel what you previously thought and start all over again. When you shop online, you place your order only once and certainly know that it will be delivered. Operate with that knowing because it’s the same algorithm Universe holds. Place your intention and trust it to come to a completion. It’s ridiculous to place your intention over and over.

What the “Dark T-shirts” don’t want you to know is that you have the power to end victim-hood and create what you want and this can only happen in the Now ; in the stillness and that’s why they keep you busy in a chase so you don’t discover the power of Now.

We have been hypnotized to believe that being productive and busy all day is a noble achievement. They dont want you to get to abundance because-

Abundance is in the now, if you can get your mind in the now, you’ve mastered it!