I don’t know why is that suddenly a thinking will take hold of me and refuse to leave me until I write it.

If you manage to spare sometime to see words manifesting, you will understand that best of things that happened in your life, happened suddenly!

Therefore I think everything that’s succeeding the word suddenly is sheer magic!

After that moment all the songs, the poems suddenly made sense; they were about you!

All of a sudden the Red sea parted and I felt like Moses!

I couldn’t find my husband, I turned off the WIFI and suddenly he appeared!                   

Bed is that magical place where I suddenly remember everything I was supposed to do               

Suddenly someday this humor might cleanse the earth and you!

You see, there are no ‘becauses’ when SUDDENLY happens. When things happen suddenly, it’s always effortless!

Jack Canfield wanted to make a hundred thousand dollars but didn’t know how!

One day under the shower he suddenly thought that if he published all that he had written and sold a 10,000 copies at $10, he would make a hundred thousand dollars! Now that was only an idea! A few days later, when he was at a conference giving a talk, a woman suddenly approaches him who happened to be a publisher; and today he is the Chicken soup Guy.

What causes miracles after the word ‘suddenly’ is an exceedingly invincible manifesting power that wants you to take notice and give it a chance; it’s tag line is TRY ME!

And how long will it take?

The answer is as long as it takes you to get the alignment right! Your job is not to know HOW; it will take care of itself with the correct alignment.

The thing about manifestation is, it does not believe it collaborating with your thinking, it’s a stand alone and does not like interference!

If it were to have a contract with you, may be it would read something like this:

“Appreciate your interest in trying me. Mere interest does not suffice, I need your 100% trust that no matter how ugly the situation might be, im gonna work it all in your favour!

When my mind is at work, I need yours to be at rest! I don’t co-work with you, either you work or I work.

You only need to continue to do what you are doing and trust”

Manifestation is Mysterious! You only gotta continue to do what you doing, its not gonna show you it’s glory unless it confirms that you won’t quit! Convince that power that you ain’t quitting, no matter how inconvenient it gets.

Relax, it’s all out of your control, align correct, everything will SUDDENLY be different!