If you have ever been waiting for anything desperately; you need me; Read me!

We are all waiting. It’s human to keep waiting; never content in the present, we are either tracing the past or racing the future, but never managed to ace the present.

It’s not a bad thing, it is the way it is because of the long forgotten truth replaced with fine tuning. We have all reached that level where our brain wiring foams up in fury to deny if I told you this statement is incorrectly viewed. The only correct part in the statement is that the present connects. The past and the future are merely concepts. If Copernicus didn’t show us the ariel picture of the Earth, partly of day and partly of night existing at the same point in time, the phenomena would never be looked as co existing, rather as activity likely to happen in the due course, in future..

Great laws teach us everything that you are waiting for is already there. It doesn’t show until its time, just as day doesn’t show up until the night is done. All that you ever need has already been created, wait until its time! And what do I do in the waiting, just SHUT UP!

Time that is defined by human logic is not time and that is why your waiting seems endless. Do yourself a favor and stop ticking at your clock because to the highest, one day equals a thousand years. The Divine works in light years. Let this one fact not escape your notice. Your ways are not His ways! Don’t be offended when He tells you “I’m working on it now” and it doesn’t manifest immediately, His ‘now’ is not same as yours!

He cannot tell you how He works, not that He works as secret societies but simply because you cannot take it! We know through science and read that sun’s rays have a lot more than are seen by man, there are cosmic rays, Gama rays, X- rays, UV rays and we’ve been taught they are harmful. No they aren’t. They are kept away for our good and in keeping from you, its actually protecting you.

However, there are clues hidden in plain sight. For instance In Genesis, on the very first day, He spoke ‘Let there be light’ and there was, ironically it was only on the fourth day that the sun was created, what light was that then?

When you don’t have answers or logic, be sure of a phenomenal power around. If you told me this is not any Divinity, just waiting for science to discover, mind you those scientific discoveries  were all half way results in seeking Divinity. E=MC2 was owing to Albert Einstein looking for divinity in light!

All in all, It’s essential to just look at the picture as a panoramic view…don’t crop it!