This intriguing question has attracted the attention of a spectrum of people from free thinkers to crackpots now and back through the ages. Is the Earth Hollow?

Dr. Edmond Halley, of comet fame,said- “Beneath the crust of the Earth, which is 500 feet thick, is a hollow void”

Leonard Euler (1707-1783), noted mathematician  stated that, “mathematically the Earth has to be hollow”  He also believed there “was a center sun inside the Earth’s interior, which provided daylight to a splendid subterranean civilization.”

The Hollow Earth was also theorized by William Reed in his 1906 book “The Phantom of The Poles”. Based on his studies of early Arctic explorations and scientific evidence, he states that- “the Earth is not solid as widely believed, but hollow with openings at both ends.”

Ray Palmer was one of the first researchers and reporters on the UFO scene during the 50’s and 60’s. In his ground breaking publications “Flying Saucers” speculated that, because UFOs have been seen in earth’s sky throughout history, they may very well be from our earth, in fact, evidence seemed to indicate that UFOs could very well come from a subterranean world inside our earth.

Excerpts from his Editorial in the above mentioned “Flying Saucers” magazine tell it best:

“On the cover this month we reproduce the most remarkable photo ever made. It was taken by the ESSA-7 satellite on November 23, 1968 the North Pole photo lacking clouds in the polar area, therefore reveals the surface of the planet.

Although, surrounding the polar area, and north of such areas as the North American continent and Greenland and the Asian continent, we can see the ice-fields 8-foot thick ice we do not see any ice fields in a large circular area directly at the geographic pole.Instead we see THE HOLE!”

At this point any practical person will start to ask themselves, if this is all true why isn’t it common and accepted knowledge? Well the government cares for you and loves you to be a dullard.

There are enough names who believed or may be even knew that Earth is hollow; and at the same time this is no subject that has warded off controversy. There are also claims that no explorer has ever reached the pole. Anyway, I don’t get my inspiration from any of this but my consciousness expanded after watching Stephen Spielberg’s  remake of Jules Verne’s “Journey to the Center of the Earth”. A maverick team of scientists aboard their melt-proof ship enter the inner Earth through a bubbling volcano. When things cool off, they find themselves exploring a vast and sunny inner landscape… a magical and inviting world with ample room to fly.

Quite naïve; why would you trust a fiction writer? Well because nobody sanctioned any amount for my expedition, else I would have found out myself.

So what should Earth look like? Flat, hollow at the center, running about 500 feet in depth and has an opening at both ends. Like this?

Certain researchers swear the Earth is shaped like a giant doughnut and that hole at the pole provide an entrance into the inner lands.

“NOT SO!” shouts another group. “Entrance to the interior world can be gained only by entering a cave and discovering the subterranean tunnels.”

Most of the people who claim to have visited the inner lands arrive there through old mine shafts, caves and subterranean tunnels. Others claim to have traveled through extinct volcanoes. There is good solid evidence supporting all these theories. Evidence also supports the possibility of other hidden entrances to the inner realms in The Bermuda Triangle and other strange areas around the world.

Would it then mean that I could cancel my heavy-budget trip to the North Pole and find a nearby cave where I might just find a “backdoor” into the subterranean lands?

Quite an idea, because these much-talked-about pole-holes are unauthorized to travel to anyway; besides, it is also said that they have been hidden through the use of advanced technology like holograms, mind blocks, a space-time curve which could keep us from detecting its location.

Now that we have an alternative and if you have an instinct to seek out an entrance to the inner realms through one of the many cavern entrances it might be a good idea to go to one of the commercial caves around the country to get an idea what it is to be underground. These “open to the public” caves can be found in almost any state. With a little research, and a weekend get-a-way, I’m sure you can locate one near you. 

While many of these well known caves contain connecting passages to the inner lands, unless you “know someone”, it’s doubtful that you could use them. However, by studying and understanding the known caves, you just might find the clue you need to find your own entrance; mind you, it will not be a stroll in the park.

Two options. Journey through the center of the Earth and Journey through caves. I’m more inclined towards the latter.

do not question whether or not aliens or their craft are here on our planet- historical documentation, video tapes, abduction cases, leaked government information, numerous other data and our own logic confirm their existence; unless your perceptions are still blinded by fear.

First lets tackle the question as to who are these beings and where are the historical connections relating to their presence?

According to the ancient writings our earth is considered to be the cradle of humanity, namely Mesopotamia, there existed a god like race that ruled over a region of the Tigris Euphrates river valley known as Sumeria and these “gods” were   humanoid creatures of extraterrestrial origin that descended in magical crafts or rocket like ships.

The surviving clay tablets from this area of the world declare that before Homo sapiens walked the earth, these “gods” did much of their own manual labor (Gold-digging). This extraterrestrial society, for want of more comforts, genetically created a new form of life from a mixture of their own DNA encoding and that of the evolutionary mammalian man or “ape man”. This successful breed of worker class was Homo sapiens.

Excavation, farming, building and mining operations were the toll of this new born race. This labor, however was forced through the use of severe and ruthless governorship. These, not so bright, beings suffered greatly under the firm rule of their “Gods” and their misery did not go unnoticed by a few of the humanoid extraterrestrial masters. Inside the “God” society brewed a conspiracy to free Homo sapiens from their bonds of slavery and teach them the spiritual and scientific knowledge necessary to uplift their status to a God-like level.

ENKI was his name. His compassion for the plight of the Homo sapien slaves shifted his role as a genetic engineer to that of a freedom fighter.

Good hearted EA (ENKI) spoke before the councils of the gods on behalf of the new EArth race but his wishes were overruled by the other faction.

Still determined, he started experimenting in his DEN, which  was a swamp-like area which  was also a DEN to many reptiles or snakes. In other words, the first fight for freedom took place in an areas known as E-DEN against the wishes of his superior.

In no time his superiors found out and abandoned him and changed his name from PRINCE EA (ENKI’s Title) to PRINCE OF DARKNESS and other such horrible names like the Devil, Satan, Evil incarnate (And then of course the real Satan fooled everybody into thinking he was God but God really was Satan).

This zeal to make man known of Who he really is and his potential, Brotherhood of the Snake, a secret society was set up by EA or ENKI which was then infiltrated and the knowledge was distorted to trap man instead of enlightening him. The evil faction overthrew EA.The Brotherhood of the Serpent/Snake was then turned against him. They taught falsehoods about Ea. Because of all the LIES that were taught, many people today think the Serpent in Eden is Satan (a liar and evil doer)

According to Biblical text, a snake or ‘reptilian’ not only seduced Eve away from the arms of Adam, but also gave them knowledge in a beautiful garden called E-DEN. It was then ruled that the reptilian was to never interfere with humans again, and that their generations will learn to hate each other and the reptilian from “Lucifer” which literally means the bringer of light, changed to “Satan” or adversary; and the ones who wanted to control the human race didn’t want this knowledge to be known to humans, so it became THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE.

We are now aware that numerous societies record, that the reptilians empowered Hu-mans with
the knowledge necessary to be free from the grips of their slave masters.

So are we really free today? Well, he would say that we are still enslaved, but within a carefully constructed illusion.

This highly advanced race of beings known as reptilians have displayed both benevolent and evil characteristics at different times in history. They have taught peace, love, spirituality, healing and knowledge of the sciences as well as rained down destruction upon the Earth. This is why various cultures recognize the reptilian image as effigies of the balance of nature.

In modern day, Ea and his father Anu are represented within the seal of the American medical association(AMA) Brotherhood teachings included physical healing through spiritual means.

Today, this secret society Brotherhood includes Freemasonry (not Masonry, who are original and good guys) run by evil  continues to dumb down the human race via repetitive mind control tactics, in an effort to forever control the human race.

If all of this is true, where lies the personal connection, the physical proof? Well, it is in the  formation of the human embryo in the womb.

Passing glimpses into our evolutionary heritage can be witnesses during the formation of our fetuses. It is also important that we do not ignore the most ancient part of the human brain upon which all other segments are but additions- the R-Complex, which is the primordial evidence of intelligence. The limbic system and neo-cortex are later additions to this central core.

We are more physically and mentally connected to reptiles than previously understood, so their
interest in us is justified when one realizes that we may be, as myth and legends are related, actually reptilian offspring. This connection may allow one to understand why the abductions and clinical experimentation on human beings are being carried out by the elusive reptilian race. It may also be because some things never change, even since the days of Eden.

By the way, I find it somewhat bewildering that someone who understands the reptilian part of the brain so well is named Sagan, because his name spelled backwards is that of the mystical east Indian reptilian God …The NAGAS.

And where you think the snakes/ reptilians live? Of course The Underground- Hidden away in the dark crevices of the Earth and in the depths of the oceans.

This was journey through the caves And for all you know there might be a whole new world at it’s center!