There are dreams that you get when you sleep and then there are dreams that don’t allow you sleep.

Honestly, you should be more interested in doing dreams that you get when you are asleep simply because it defies logic and it’s beyond your understanding! O and you can’t even trace it’s origin! Try catching the phenomena of how you mysteriously slip into falling asleep; it’s just so slimy!

How smart is a dream’s initiation process! Like it knows your logic mind cannot coexist in its presence and therefore it gets rolling only when you put your physical body to rest.

I don’t understand why we pacify and reduce those dreams to its nothingness, shrugging shoulders “Oh It’s just a dream!!”  Whyyy? Why do you encourage it to let go? Why are you in no certainty about the interpretation of your dream?

In what we call the mythological times, dreams were considered a sacred portal to your possibilities and interpreting dreams was heavens gift !!

Dreams are illustrations of what your highest self is wanting to remind you off. It doesnt necessarily have to be on your expansiveness or how big you can be, dreams also show you ordeals. It wishes to expand your definition of reality.

You are not just that man trying hard to make it enough for the family or that woman who is so into proving it to the patriarchal society that we are all equals! NO! You are system busters and renegades; you are meant to bring back what was raided. 

How freaked out would you be if you saw yourself as multidimensional beings and teleporting?Higher intention is never to scare you, but at the same time its their job to help you remember who you truly are! And that’s why dreams happen. It shows you a glimpse of what you are capable of doing. Buried deep inside of you are all the answers and dream is a state where your truth floats to the surface.

You are magnificent beings originally with 12 strands of DNA, But now you’ve been reduced to two, what we know as the two-stranded double-helix DNA. Anything that was unnecessary for survival and that could keep you informed was unplugged, leaving you with only a double helix that would lock you into controllable, operable frequencies!

Who did it? You know that we are not the only ones living on Earth             

Whose gonna save you? YOU. You are your only rescue!

You have an exciting assignment, an enviable job! And you have all the help you are going to need to complete your task, you can go cosmic if only you clear your personal drama.

Dreams are portals to trace into that memory that’s forgotten when you entered Earth.

If you think about it, the fencing for your dream is only within your sleep hours. The moment you wake up, most times it’s like your slate is being erased.

Likewise before you chose to be born on Earth, you were given a blueprint of the task that needed to be carried out during your lifetime here. You had it really clear in your mind when you were a baby and also when you were a toddler and in a few more of your growing days, but as you grew it withered and faded and now it looks like almost impossible to believe that you are a super being. It’s a real task to remember your identity when you come to this place that is bound by low frequency controls

That why the saying life is but a dream. The fencing of this dream called life is from your birth day to your transition day (death) and your reality is waiting outside of your life.

Your bodies are waiting for the questions to be posed,

so that you can begin to resonate with the answers inside of yourselves,

so that the memories in your cell within your bodies can begin to remember what they already know

Hit snooze and keep your dream alive.