Dear Heart,

I hope the cogwheels of your life under the heavens functioning well!
This is an overdue apology that the truth about you has been kept from the human race. I’ve spoken to the left and the right of me and unanimously decided that we unveil you.

Love Brains.

“Let’s put your brains on sale, you’ve hardly used any!”, the finest sarcasm used ever since I was 7. Ironically, it’s the heart that needs to be put on sale because no man uses it!

She sits at that enlightenment corner in her house and accelerates thinking on the “life changing” decision. Instantly her heart prompts what is to be done next, without giving it a glance dusts it off  “Of course not! I’m supposed to arrive at a DECISION ” and continues staring at the cemented ceiling for a great redemption. It’s funny how we think that time taken to arrive at a decision like this cannot be instantaneous!

Why never pay heed to a solution that comes with so much ease!

Your reflexes to what your heart says is a negation most times and I CAN understand why; it’s the eternity in the statement that “life is hard, nothing comes easy”, must be some PCDE syndrome. Pre-notional conditioning to defy ease. Deny it when it tells you to ignore what’s heartfelt.

Heart is where it all starts. Around the toroidal field, heart is the first ever organ that is formed as you are manifesting into the physical reality. This torus is quite literally everywhere. Even Nikola Tesla worked with this geometry for free energy access to the entire planet and of course the Big brains of the world don’t spare breath, sparing energy was not on the agenda for a hundred thousand years! And so between this and that, all of Tesla’s most amazing work was destroyed!

Both brain and heart are electromagnetic generators, but heart is 100 times electrically stronger and a 1000 times magnetic than brain. Heart doesn’t dictate any logic; it’s intuitive, it is knowing by the way you feel. Nobody ever succeeded in finding it’s source code. In the heart is the space where all things are connected; it might tell you ridiculous things like ‘just jump off the cliff you’ll be fine’ or ‘buy those shares’ when you clearly see the stock market crashing! Only understand what you see is less powerful than what you feel.

It’s wicked that the heart’s striking feature doesn’t strike you! Brain has divisions to it but heart is an epitome of Unity. It is from here that you can make connections – connections in this realm and in realm that you are yet to see. The electromagnetic field around the heart has powerful effect on not just you but also on people around you, that’s what’s called the Vibes!

Like “Ooouu! I get those juicy vibes from you” and your trusted friend brain wipes the vibes. “No my next, might turn out to be like my ex!”

In the field of neurocardiology, heart possesses its own intrinsic nervous system, a network of brain cells which makes the heart take decisions and now you can scientifically think with your heart because heart is the new brain!
It’s an 18 inch travel from your head to your heart; not too long for you to understand this and if nothing makes sense …God is love not logic!