Jake and Esa are twins that are yet to be born to Becky and she feels a quarrel in her belly, so she connects to her core to understand why.

She rubs her chest and her core transcends like a genie from Aladdin’s lamp.

Becky lives in a place where telepathy was the only known way of communication, and so the genie projects the conversation between Jake and Esa..

Jake: So you think you are right? There is no life outside of the womb!

Esa: It’s a world of possibilities! What if we are building on our next life muscles so we are bold to face the outside? What if in next life we are not to stand still but turn stillness into a crawl, a crawl into a walk and a walk into a run..

Jake: No life can get as exciting as this one! This is an ideal life, all of our supplies come sliding right into our mouths, we don’t have to do a thing, how cool is that!

Esa: On the outside, life might not be as easy as this, but what if we get to see our mother..

Jake: What’s a mother now?

Esa: She is in whom we her we live, move and have our being…

Jake: Rubbish! I don’t understand a mother, therefore it cannot exist!

Esa: Universe is under no obligation to make sense to you!

(The conversation between twins is an inspired masterpiece)

The conversation ends abruptly because Becky is calming the chaos in her belly. 

Genie tells Becky to feel their conversation and the Earth. We are all a connect, we are bound by destiny, for now you are the connect to your babies and after their birth, they are meant to connect with mother Earth. It’s an infinity loop!

Looks at him in awe! Genie continues “This lady Earth has been waiting; it’s been a hundred thousand years’ wait to heal her of all the catastrophe so she could wake up to her possibilities.”

“You know, healing is a destructive task, it’s not what you think, that heavens open up, light shows and you receive your healing. The voice inside will be a different song. Layers will be shed. You may experience rage, depression, fear, anxiety. Ride the wave! Allow these things to exit your system. Because your illusion self is being shed so your true self can thrive. Embrace the transition

Everyone of you are Earth’s cell, bloodstreams and capillaries. When you heal yourself, every ounce of the ground will transform into abundance. Every tree will bear enough fruit to feed you, every herb will shoot up so there is self healing, with every water you drink, you will drink memory of distant past, and every death you face and be buried in her ground, you’ll will rise up fierce than before.

Just as fetus has its thinking confined to the walls of the womb, so is your thinking. The fetus doesn’t know of the after birth life just like how a man does not know afterlife. That chatter between your twins will be the chatter in your head all the time, but to what extent are you willing?”

“One thing I can assure” the genie said, “to every devious scream in your head there is a divine whisper and it will save you”

Choice is yours; you wanna listen to Jake or feel Esa?