“No way” she squeaked as she got back her voice after the initial paralysis of her vocal chords!
That was this little girl watching conjuring and that explains!

We are told a million times  that fear is not God given; it’s not from him, it’s not from the cat down the lane nor is it from the neighbor..! Then what is it about fear that it’s claws are so ingrained in our minds…

All over the world, billions of humans are emitting emotional juices into the atmosphere based on what they are feeling when they are watching or being watched. Television, Horror movies, World news, Corporates, Processed food, Religion, Education; basically every structure that is man-made is a Tyranny. These are the biggest weapons of frequency control. You might think all of these in your life is for entertainment and convenience, but its a DECEPTION!

Sometimes a few thoughts get exceedingly loud that it has to come on paper…

Did you say you watch TV for entertainment? (Entertainment broadly classified as family dramas)
I’m sorry you are on an extensive training program to flush your self-esteem and act like you are Abraham’s sacrificial lamb!

Did I hear you say that you completed 5 years in a company?
If I could turn sarcasm into a full time job, I could be employed forever,! How about that now!

Did you just say you are well informed because you follow world news?
I’m sorry but you are taking super hot showers to practice burning in hell!

Did you just upright your chest and say I’m a Christian?
I’m sorry but Christ consciousness must be laughing at you!

Sorry, but did I hear you say you’re living on sausages? Oh Boy, the longer the “shelf life” the shorter “your life”!

I don’t think there is any need for too many wars anymore to get us all riled up-they can simply insert more disguised control systems!

Fear is a booming industry!

‘Who is behind operating us with fear’ is a story we keep for another day, however we use this space to understand fear’s control mechanisms. For every mechanism, ground rule is- it feeds on human emotions. You are controlled and separated by issues that strike at the core of your emotions.

Firstly, if we were to have a way for you, we’d recommend that you get away with Television because it upsets human consciousness. What’s happening in the Middle East is portrayed as devastating; I have nothing to say other than it’s a holographic insert! Like a 3D experience, not really realistic; what’s really realistic is, it’s a Giant driven by your fear, chaos, and violence.

If you are telling me that you are one of those wonders who knows what to watch and what not to; sorry to pop your bubble but the effects of television are so permeating that no matter how clear you say you are going to be, you cannot counterbalance what the technology is presently doing to your vibrational frequency!

Second, the education system is another area where you are controlled. Why don’t you come up with your way to explore the world without degrees! However don’t do it with the expectations that the world will honor you.
Education is actually the pursuit of knowledge, and knowledge can come from a walk in the desert. It does not have to come from flipping pages in a book. It is not harmful to explore a little bit of schooling, but don’t buy into the idea that what you are being taught is correct.

Third, the Corporates. They are so non- negotiable with their “Hire and divide” policy that their job is to separate people and focus on what they do not have in common, labeling their employees different from others!
It is a perfect disguise to keep people from discovering what they do have in common and it is this separation that keeps people from working together and becoming very strong.

Why feed them your emotions when you can go places with it?
They want a fearful, chaotic emotional frequency because that is what nourishes them.

If you really want to evolve, do not read newspapers, do not listen to the radio, and do not watch television or be under the limitations of controls like these. If you are able to go on a digital detox for periods of time, you begin to get clear. You begin to listen to what is going on inside of you and start to live in the world and not necessarily be lost in it.

Let love guide you in bringing choice of tuning into frequency back to this planet.