“Empty your mind, be formless, be shapeless. Be water.”

But of what command do I take this if I do not understand water…

Water is a ‘tom, dick and harry’ substance. It is pretty much everywhere inside of me and outside of me. Scientists tell us that water is the original substance from where life began.

Even the sexual outburst results in water. Every seed, every embryo begins its life exclusively in water and comes out, with water bag breaking.

It is the only element that contracts when it heats and expands when it freezes. It stands out because every other element does the opposite. If it’s a reminder to be water I’ll take it, because water is unique just as my fingerprints.

Why is it that it’s the most powerful solvent? Doesn’t it hint towards humans forgiving nature…

It is said water has unpredictable behavior, that is so human!

Water is the only substance that exists in all 3 states, the last that I checked human spirit is Unshakable, Unstoppable, Unbreakable!

Water of course remains water but its structure just like our nervous system, changes to irritation.

Water acquires new properties but its chemical composition remains unchanged; My body might change with time but my chemical composition will always remain 72% Water, 12% Earth, 6% Air, 4% Fire (and the remaining is Space).

How is it that water is able to rise against the gravity through the trunks of giant tree against thousands of atmospheric pressure, just as any other living; we grow against gravity right?

Gorgeous living water flows in streams, oceans, lakes, rivers. When water flows naturally it looks very happy. It flows where ever it needs to go. So is it with a man, he is happy as long as he follows his heart however water makes a different trip when it goes into our homes. It goes through a lot of hard edges and right angle turns. The structure of water when in a pipe system has no symmetry, no geometry, just chaos!

As much parallels drawn, the correlation is human emotions are most influential on water.

Dr Emoto says “Water has memory”. If you treat it badly it will come back to you as karma. WATER PURIFIERS-  Really now!

A water purifier certainly  take off the toxins like chlorine and other harmful chemicals but what we are talking about is consciousness of the water and not it’s physicality.We are polluting our water spiritually, the water goes through a lot of stress and aggression and by the time it reaches our body it is almost dead. Why dont we practice the ancient Indian tradition to store the water from a purifier in a pot and show gratitude, so it heals itself !

Off late we find it in bold, drink lots of water but did you know you are to drink water only when you are thirsty not frequently sipping on your bottle, you know why, your sodium level which is delicately balanced gets disrupted causing swelling in your brain.

Problem is our accumulated knowledge. We go with what goes viral on social media instead of listening and feeling our body. You are chained to the wrong rhythm. Life happens from within, all experience happens from within.

Water is a concept that is connected to the idea of life.

The first sentence of my first blog was “I loved the idea of being a Mountain until I learnt how powerful a flowing water can get” I only felt that strongly, but it took me months to know what I really meant!