One of the most fascinating draws in the world is Pyramids of Giza standing in Egypt’s bone-dry desert land; Iconic and mystical but EMPTY??

I mean how did emptiness manage to hit the list of  World’s wonders for Adam’s now?  

Even more mysterious is its image with the Eye of providence surrounded by rays of light, enclosed by a triangle; detached and suspended just above the pyramid on the dollar bill!

This is no way random, should be of hidden power! Not just the Government power; but of actual Cosmic power!

Back in time, pyramids weren’t always dusty, they were originally covered with casing stones made of glossy limestone and every time sunlight fell on it, It looked like an uncut diamond- Bright and glorious!

The Great pyramid however is not complete; I mean, the top of it is flat and not pointed as the other pyramids. It’s capstone has never been found and no one knows where it is. What if I say you’ve got that capstone? What if Pyramid’s capstone has to do with the waking up of the pineal gland?

Check this.

Christ Himself being the chief cornerstone, in whom the whole building, being fitted together, grows into a holy temple in the Lord,  in whom you also are being built together for a dwelling place of God in the Spirit.

I don’t know if the capstone is the same as corner stone or the stone that builders rejected. If it is, was it the pyramid and it’s capstone that is being referred in these Scriptures?

The outer mantle of the pyramid has 144,000 casting stones. This is in sync to 144,000 light workers who are gonna be left behind at the time of apocalypse. What if Yahshua never meant himself to be the cornerstone, but Christ?

Christ is not same as Yahshua. It has nothing to do with Christianity, Christ is pure science.

Christ signifies the oil called Christos (in Greek) that is secreted from cerebrum. Once every month when the moon is in the zodiac sign that you were born under. This oil extends all the way down the spinal cord and to the nerves that go down into lower vertebrae or Sacral plexus.

According to Santos Bonacci “The sacral plexus holds very strong sexual energy that is a beautiful energy, that when harvested, can turn into an electrical energy rising Chistos back up to the brain.

When you are getting there, the frequency shoots up, vibration increases and the oil exponentially speeds up to hit the pineal gland, activating a billion sleeping brain cells. This is what is Third eye awakening or spiritual illumination and it is depicted as a halo behind the illuminated one, like the one you see behind Buddha!

What if the Body of Pyramid will not be in its full potential unless the 144,000 light workers raise the oil in their bodies so that their third eye is awakened? And only when this happens the pyramid’s capstone is restored?

It is said that the pyramids capstone is made up of gold and if we realized sooner, our body has the ability to turn lead into gold alchemically.

Pyramid, I think is also a story on physiology and cosmology.

As above so below.

The location of the Pyramids of Giza is in alignment to the Orion’s belt. Who is Orion; it’s a constellation in the sky! And it is positioned exactly on the center most crossover or intersection of leylines.

Walking across the sand , if an ant ever managed to grab your attention- Its building its pyramid and the colony that they make underground is pretty much like the water tunnels under the Grand pyramid.

Sacred portals – Our genitals are also inverted pyramids. PYRO in Greek is fire and PYRO-MID it in simplest meaning is “fire in the middle” which the genitals are known for!

What if the eye that is kept way from the pyramid on dollar bill is truth hidden in the plain sight that eye is the entrance to the soul and the government never wants the two parts to unite.

Intuition guides you to real science which you sure need to save our own asses. Save you!