“It’s only a phase it will fade” – Very ignorantly I have been using the phrase to every turbulence hoping that this would give some nervous relaxation that things are eventually working out for better.

I like your sheer nod to this and back to square one; to the recession in mind – joblessness, sickness, faltering relationships and then right up to the heavens in the silence of your heart “Have all the million dollar ideas been exhausted that I can’t get even one?” .

Okay now the art of speaking to your trouble and making the mountains move comes with a cost. Think of it this way for better digestion; Gucci, Carteir, D&G, Versace or even Armani, comes for a cost more than your kidneys and on possession the fact that you don’t have kidneys will be blurred by “Good buy.Worth the Price”. Forgive me for my ridiculous example but the point is, you need to sell your biggest in order to purchase your Greatest.

It’s the nature of a difficult time to never end in a heart break. The cycle is BREAKDOWN-BREAKOUT-BREAKTHROUGH! Are you willing??

Tribulation is never a destination rather you pass through it to find conclusion. Don’t passively submit to the trails, every breakdown is a pre-requisite for your breakthrough.

Gain conviction that spirit is the only substance of man and of the universe, which means you are limitless and when you get this you’re in your high time baby!

I say you ain’t living in that zip code; you are living in the All knowing mind. Only when you allow your human spirit to show up, a million dollar idea for your daily supplies show up.

Try this, catch that thought that’s on your mind and ask where do you come from? They might be of origin you cannot fathom but it’s not nebulous! It’s not your thought, you are only listening to it and you have a choice to say a yes YES or a straight no.

Only trouble is, we are caught up in Maya-An illusion; and these abstracts are only recognizable we are consciously aware; and where does conscious awareness come from? Am trading it! 😉

Conscious awareness comes from shutting up! Take time to be quiet and allowing All knowing mind to take over. Divine mind is ceaselessly expressing itself, you don’t have to persuade it to spring into action; simply dust off the illusion, spring waters is guaranteed. Dusting off illusion is as tedious as explaining to a baby eagle of its flying high abilities while it is caught up in the dirt with chicken. 

Logic will mask as an exceptional guide and give you more than enough reasons to stick in and work just as you have been, but you- Argue, win the battle and a bountiful recovery will take place right in the middle of your nowhere. Am not just saying but this is the Law of Mentalism. And in this understanding it’s important that you are not in collaboration with the law of mentalism, so hold your suggestions to yourself; back off because your thinking is not same as His thinking!

There is infinite wisdom to show us the how and the when and the why, but are you willing?