I loved the idea of being a Mountain until I learnt how powerful a flowing water can get”. 

He said, ‘only DEAD FISHES go with such flow’.

‘Amen’ I responded with a quiet understanding that the power of surrendering is being ridiculed.

So what if I don’t have a career plan?

So what if I never have an idea that could possibly get me a promotion?

So what If I don’t have a money making plan that makes my life secure?

So what If I want to break free from a 9-5 job and just be?

Everybody knows of the ‘ morrow may never come’ but the phrase is a heartfelt truth only when you are purchasing a life insurance, medical insurance or in ignorance at a club ‘Gimme everything tonight for all we know we might not get tomorrow…’ but what about the purgatorial?? The phrase is never applied at work  except when you got to meet your deadlines, otherwise in this realm it is obligatory that you have blinders to such phrases and be 100% certain of not only tomorrow but next 6 months on your career graph; else you are blasphemed!

I think it’s just about time now that we take off those Gucci Goggles to see the real.

This is no right or wrong; You could be a dead fish or be Rock solid. These are choices! The beauty in being a dead fish is you let waters guide you, and this requires aeons of practice and patience. The trick to survive surrendering is, FAITH and the science behind faith wouldn’t work unless you practice.

For instance, you are into gymnastics and you are to take a leap from a 12 feet platform trusting that your partner will hold you; Do the ‘What if’s’ never ring high on your head?;  what if at that very moment he has an unexplainable itch in his pants and your bones rupture! This takes serious practice. Serious practice between you and that spirit in you.

Don’t be afraid to test this, nobody’s watching; All people are busy making the best of living! Take chance and allow your intuition to speak because when you hear it you are going to be so sure about your future, that no man dares deny.

What if it doesn’t work? What if I might end up wasting my time practicing faith and reap nothing? What if I be judged as the black sheep of the nation…

What if I told you, these things that you are worrying are of questionable existence. The  laws of Universe are in place for Adams now! Hush the little demons, you have a power that’s breathing in your direction and to all the smart mouths outside of you, say SO WHAT and keep doing your thing!