“Look for the bare necessities
The simple bare necessities
Forget about your worries and your strife
I mean the bare necessities
Old Mother Nature’s recipes
That brings the bare necessities of life”

You perennially breathe without being fully aware, inevitably you are being considered to be in the peripheral of that breath; it ought to be somebody’s goodness irrespective of your ignorance. Nothing is accidental; Earth has so many reflections in human anatomy; pierce through the ignorance and you’ll know.

In my humble opinion, your birth is not your originality. It’s only to suit you up to come into the human body, based on your past evolution.  Long long ago there was a blueprint that was developed to help you activate your memory because in this dimension you are not allowed to carry information from the past.

And so when you came into the body, you had the blueprint tight in your fist when you were a baby, but slipped off as you grew. You forgot of the blueprint and coding that would help you unlock your glorious memory of the Universe inside you.

Reason for this is the evolving DNA. You have been on a DNA mutation for a long time now. When you have 12 helixes of DNA in places- those 12 helixes will begin to plug into the 12 vortexes that are loaded with information which you would be able to translate.

You will break through what feels like cement blocks. Layers of yourself that have held you down but to what height are you willing to awaken your consciousness?

Don’t be fooled by the looks, the money or any religion; those aren’t the bear necessities.

Your thoughts is the beginning to everything in your reality. Know that “I’am” has the power to resurrect you. It is what you call “Om” in India, “Amen” in Rome and “Ameen” in the Middle east. The syllable is “AUM”, don’t go by the evolution of this from India and then to the Rome and to the Middle East. This is the vibration that makes a 30 inch travel from your navel to the tip of your nose that invokes the originating spirit in you.

Bring forth what is in you and what is in you will save you. You need to know who you are; to get to what you want and when you know it, twill be your forever romance!