Skies are celebrating Love!

You’ve managed to gather enough information through whatever means available which is a pre -requisite for you to move to the next level in the vortex of your growth and connectivity.

You’ve somehow escaped the fencing around you and activated your feeling center- Your trump card;

Which is a phenomenal success, and success is treacherous in the awakening world because it starts off with willingness to be a fool and then to breaking free from the tyrant and demon in you!

Your next is waiting on you to take you higher.


The best version of you

This is a note that every one of you will find when you look for a paradigm shift. That note is an applaud for being a warrior of your own kind and that there is still more to conquer…

Being that energy that’s trapped in a human body soaked up by a lot of elements that are in no business to raise you up is what makes you dense;  allow light to burn your density – for it, you must ASK.

The note could have continued to unfold your plan and your task here on this plain, but you will not want to believe the extent to which you have been uninformed, that you might even deny the validity of the information. Therefore it is imperative that you have your wits about you to ASK for information because there is a divine law concerning interference perhaps just like encroaching into another’s property!

Your guides cannot help you if you don’t help you and helping you, on a beginners level simply means that you bring your mind to standstill.

The thing with being human is, You are your Greatest Release and You are your Longest Denial.

Living as human for aeons now, you’ve forgotten your glorious past ; you’ve also forgotten that there is something that you’ve forgotten.

Do you not want to know what  were you  before being a fetus, a sperm and an orgasm?

Do you not want to know your incarnations? And your painful story of separation from your Twinflame?

Do you not want to know how you chose your soul circle or your family?

Do you never want to see how you evolved from a mineral to a plant , to an animal and then human?

Do you never want to question how from a star light you were reduced to nothingness?

The Divine power is so mighty, that it will not show up to your powerless “Ask”.

Ask for your Eternal life to show up in a Timelapse.

Ask for your memory activation.

Your memory is the first link of connectivity. You will know how everything is interlocked with everything. When you were one with Earth as a mineral, your life as a plant, your instincts when you were an animal, your lessons of past human life- is all running in your blood. Your blood is rich with stories.

Whatever your story was, is recorded in your blood, imprinted with Times New Roman font and is willing to radiate outwards for all worlds to read.

You know everything you are supposed to know

You know that your source is light

You know that you belong to the family of stars

You know your plan and purpose to which you were born.

In fact you knew it even after you were born, the blueprint was so clear; You smiled when your star visitor showed you a thumbs up and a wink but your whole family looked at you through a magnifying glass because it was your first tender smile!  Little did they know that you smiled because you had the plan locked in your palm.

And then as you grew you were taught to suck in information and slowly the information that you had was untouched and it fell into beauty sleep…

It is time for you to rise out of the pettiness of day-to-day dramas and events and begin to connect on a cosmic level with the higher drama that is occurring.

Your spirit guides instead of appearing before you and guiding directly, are patiently talking to you in numbers and synchronicities. They can only offer you information based upon your own acceleration.

If you ask me how important is this? You’ll know at the time of apocalypse!

Vibrate higher and help them help you.