Apocalypse- is it happening or not happening? I’m not sure because the spell is lifted and a lot of people are waking up to synchronicities, candles shining forth bringing to a vast number of people the Light of astral knowledge, demonstrating unity consciousness, manifesting desirable results, but also a large segment of humanity still holds on to the Matrix power, still believing that religions are “sacred”, banks “secure” your money and Daddy Government  really cares for you!











50-50; so it is happening or not happening because I know of another set of humanity, largely dependent on the planetary destruction outcome- why do anything when I know I’m gonna get blown off anyway!

The other day, I had a dream. It was the day of the APOCALPYSE.

The sky turned purple, the moon turned red and trumpets blew; Martian rule established and my mother and I were sent to FEMA camps, absolutely no food, bad rains! It was scary.

I had enough discomfort so I exited the dream, meaning I woke up!

Synchronistically, days later I was watching the movie Back to the future and he said NO FUTURE IS EVER WRITTEN .

So would that mean I can create better?

That dream, I know it partially came from me reading the Last book- the book of Revelation and I also know that Bible is full of allegories, which means it’s not what it is telling out to be.

I had a realization; that there are two timelines-

A world that’s booming on fear, fear of the world coming to an end, fear of flood engulfing, fear of terror attacks, fear of “ you speak truth and you get killed”, Fear of God.

GOD! Goodness honey no! I wonder how I bought this crap that one of seven gifts of the Holy spirit is fear of the Lord  and then in other pages God says

“Don’t fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are Mine.”

“Fear not, be glad and rejoice for the Lord will do great things!”

Make up your mind Holy Trinity!

Listen, all you church goers, that the sky turning purple is an indication of the third eye opening, Just like the time line we are in, unveiling all the lies that was told about Thanksgiving,  all lies about Jesus, fake market crashes,  that all alien races are malevolent and the biggest one of all – hiding that WE ARE SOVEREIGN BEINGS!











Purple is an indication for third eye opening.  Its the color of third eye chakra

So, does that leave us with a reason to be optimistic about future?

With the end of the year 2012, there was much speculation as to whether this was a harbinger of doom or life or an ultimatum to #chucknormality and differentiate from the grand illusion of time.

To me it looks like a time of Grand change! The beginning of boycotting “Normal” which means moving out of third dimensional density vibration, into the fifth. That’s no error, I truly meant fifth dimension, and not fourth because fourth dimension cannot hold the massive change, it’s only a transitional phase to the Fifth Harmony which means that the fifth dimension  is harmonic and fourth isn’t- like the puberty!

 What comes after puberty is a much concrete stage.

Earth is splitting into two- one which remains in Third dimension where you just refuse to get away with deception, keep eating filth in the name of packaged food and drinking fluoridated water, going to “holy places” with your hands lifted high up waiting on a savior  to come swooping down and saving you from the catastrophe-

Why?? Well because I’m a loyal customer! I give subscription every month, I sold my soul at baptism and then I didn’t stop at that ,I confirmed it at Confirmation and every time I felt guilt- I came and told YOU, (nobody but YOU) about my sins; come on now don’t give up on me!

Honey, stop that melodrama and get your act together because NOBODY IS COMING TO SAVE YOU!

And the other one which transitions into 5D, so it is naturally what follows is a split in timeline allowing for two divergent and nearly opposite realities to exist.

The key element in this current situation brings us right back to something I’ve written about a lot, the universal law that energy follows thought. It is key, because we create our reality with our thoughts.

What do YOU want? The energy will follow. Do you wish to stick to old ways or embrace new change?

 No matter what you want the energy will not discriminate between what is positive or negative; it will follow your thoughts and ultimately manifest as your reality. So if your thoughts are focused upon wars and rumors of wars, and watch world news on anti-war, that is where your destiny will unfold! You cannot safely make your exit on the freeway if your eyes are glued on the latest smashup. So shut your TVs off.

You cannot expect to end up safely on the 5D exit ramp if your attention has been hijacked by weapons of mass distraction.

DISENGAGE. You don’t need to be controlled by the psychopaths because the only place it can take us is deeper into the matrix.

All you need do is to raise your vibration and keep it there, and to do that will require the dissolving of your attachments to this place. Which means you need to care less about what other people thing about you, don’t please people and for heaven’s sake don’t take anybody’s shit personal.

Following the herd might have worked well enough up until this time, but not anymore, the
time to go maverick is at hand.

Honey im all for #love #selflove #woke #lit on your Instagram feed with a bunch of silly pictures are not enough. NOT ENOUGH, WONT HELP! Go on a Yatra, away from all the buzz, settle in a forest where nobody finds you, don’t care even if they register a missing complaint – I guarantee you will find you, truly spiritually evolved.

Your destiny is not something you are born into, you create it; now its left to you whether you create unconsciously as muggle or you consciously own it like a Wizard.

What we have here are two worlds, one being born, and one dying.

Not choosing is still a choice; just not a very good one!

The thing is, we don’t have a lot of time here, things are moving faster with each passing day, and playing the waiting game is no longer among our options. While you sit there at home and eating apple pies, frozen owing to inactivity, a gruesome fate quickly approaches.

 I’m not frightening you; then don’t tell me Oh my gosh, nobody even dared to leave me a note!

A lot of folks are feeling the approaching timeline split, just as we felt the approach of the age of Aquarius at the end of the Mayan calendar – just like floating out there amid all the electronic soup from cell phones, Wi-Fi, Gwen tower and stuff. Once you start eliminating all that toxic clutter, it becomes much easier to pick up on the more spiritual vibrations coming in stronger every day.

So now it boils down to YOU- Are you willing to take back your power? Think about it a minute, in a cycle lasting some 26 thousand years, what are the odds that you & I got to even be here to see it go down??

For more, watch the video on the link below-

Zeitgeist: Addendum (Peter Joseph)