Do you ever feel like you are being followed by a certain number? Perhaps you are on a recruit!
There are now people all over the world from different walks of life tuning into these number patterns. This is in trend. Numbers are everywhere! . It is in dreams, on number plates, clocks, mobile phone, and billboards; like an invite to a Grand Awakening. Somebody must be cracking the spell that we are waking up to numbers.
Do you have the invite too? Do you repeatedly see numbers? Have you tried to trace back where it comes from? Who is trying to bring you to its notice?
Their subtle whisper in your ear is so precise that when you hang up on a call, you see the display on your phone and it is 2:22. Or they line up small events like you are driving and wanting to overtake, but the vehicle in front is blocking you from doing so and you realize that it’s on purpose because you just saw a car passing by with KA04-MH-888. Sometimes they could even get physical, like finding a feather in an unexpected place, flashes of light, finding a coin, perfume or aftershave of a deceased loved one, random moments of noticing beauty or synchronicities. Their ways of communicating with us are too many and they leave it to your free will. You can decipher codes and meanings in whatever makes best sense to you. Angel numbers are phenomenal phenomena! Once you start noticing the mystic, the mystic will start noticing you. 111– Portals are open, be careful what you think because your thoughts are manifesting at record speed. Only think about what you want , don’t you dare think about what you don’t want. 222– Your manifestation is going to be evident; don’t quit 5 minutes before miracle! Your idea is shaping its reality. Don’t fear, its unfolding in your favor. 333– Ascended masters are near you. These spiritual masters want to work with you, Turn to your spiritual masters; they are waiting on you to take call. 444– You are not alone, everything is proceeding as how it needs to be in accordance with your interest and how it needs to be. Take action because whatever you are seeking awaits you. 555– Remain lucid under any circumstance because you are being catapulted into a major life change. Huge changes come knocking at your door. Perhaps this change is an answer to your prayer. Deep transformation lies on the horizon. Transformations that will lead you to financial abundance 666– Not a bad omen just that you are out of balance, focusing too much on the material. Think big-You are an infinite being with infinite possibilities. Don’t let failure define you, let it refine you. 777– Angels applaud you, you are on a roll because your inner wisdom is taking center stage in your life. You are on the right track in every area of your life. Your efforts are bearing fruit, expect more miracles. 888– What was meant to be learnt is learnt. Share your wisdom. You are in flow of true Abundance. The universe is ready to issue your paycheck- a harvest that translates into financial rewards. Gratitude shortens the time to receive abundance. 999– Something in your life is ending or has been completed. You in the process of becoming a  lightworker. A new calling is in the air- to become the post powerful version of you. You are heading to your next level. Be in service to something bigger than yourself. 000– You are one with your Infinite Source creator. Your situation has gone full circle. Improve your connection with the Universe