So in the last chapter of the Grand story, Ragnarok is destined.

But can we just flip a few pages back to what is written in bold- The Age of Aquarius.

Everywhere in patches we see tribes attracted to awakening vibes . Some hear a calling, some see repeated numbers, a few begin to feel caged and actually see that we live in a Matrix. We lose appetite and find inclination towards a plant based diet. We realize that we have been spiritual but to a false angel of light and what a hoax the Big Pharma industry, the food industry and the education system have been. All that we thought was history was a fabricated lie and what we call science is pseudo science.

I don’t know if you had time to wonder how all of this coming to light…

This is the curtain raiser into the next Age.

He replied, “As you enter the city, a man carrying a jar of water will meet you. Follow him to the house that he enters.”
Luke 22:10

This is the description of the constellation of Aquarius.

For every 2,158 years (approx)  we move into a new Astrological age. So previously for roughly 2,150 years we were in the Age of Pisces and even prior to that in the Age of Aries. The Precession of the Equinoxes move backwards through the zodiac, this is why Aries came before Pisces, and now after Pisces we are moving into the Age of Aquarius. The Astrological Age is very generic because the bandwidth of each constellation is not of the same proportion.

It is said that we have been transitioning from the Piscean Age to Aquarian Age for the last 50 years. Some say the official beginning of the Aquarian Age was 11/11/11. The Mayans set this date as December 21, 2012. No matter which date you accept, we are in for a heap of change in the near future!

Everything with Piscean values is unveiled. The keys to life was hidden but in plain sight; and it was portrayed as if there were layers to shed; so many that today it is known to be lost.

Every element, be it the Government, Corporations, Lifestyle, Reptilians or Logic- It’s all a Global conspiracy! The tightly attached strings to belief system of personifying a GOD framed right from the previous age or to what we call the 5G Technology is just another fancy way of roasting humans.

Blind belief must have ruled Pisces, that’s why we never understood that it was a holographic insert at Middle East which was cleverly broadcasted to drain our energy. They know that Energy grows where Energy goes! The bombing is just staged to destroy the heritage that could possibly be evidence to trace back our real history. That’s not it; everything you thought was natural was a trick on human. The Chemtrails and HAARP altering our weather and students going missing owing MK ULTRA Experiments might just be a glimpse of times ahead.

Everything is an energy extracting system.  Right from what you see, to how you behave and what goes in your mouth. You are being kept from what you really are. It’s a loop that works on downward virtues like fear, depression, sadness, anxiety, insecurities.

Glitches created and everything is replaced, humans with AI, reduction in female strength, mutation, destruction, fluoride in waters, aerials and then the wall!

All of this is not happening to you, it is only responding to you. Tell-LIE-VISION programs are called PROGRAMS for a reason- Sell your TV on OLX or KEEP IT OFF!

The plight of human consciousness!

We were at “I believe” in the Age of Pisces; in the Age of Aquarius, we progress to “I know”

This is the age of light; of Information. Much of our history was erased, and now man is in networking with the age of information. There is no way information will not hover over you. There are endless possibilities that will come to light in this age. This shift brings the best and the worst in Mankind. There will be global consciousness on one side and the fear sector rising on the other. There will be cosmic awakening and striking deception. There are tons of agents here; some dressed as people, others a bit more obvious. Do your learning and research, and exercise your intuition muscles.  It is that, that’s going to help you in the apocalypse!

Truth is dark, truth is disturbing and so transformation will never be easy, it’s a life come crashing down experience- Keep calm and go through it! If you really see you will know it was illusionary, and that WE are the spiritual masters we have been waiting for.

We just work like media, drop the seed and move on!