GUCCI GOOGLES!!

All things are not what they seem and so without looking at the devil or the deep sea ; just jumped!

Meaning we QUIT WORKING! which by default meant ” How are the bills gonna get paid?”

and the larger than life signboard that read “JOBLESSNESS”.

Tossed a few pebbles to see how deep the trouble was.

Gee! that was really deep. Deep breath.


Just as yet, in the swirling we started to be willing to disappear for awhile before any limelight.

And took baby steps towards knowing ; watched documentaries on many things, fools and kings and it felt awfully good!

This felt right, ’twas light years travelling from Youtube to “Youniverse”


This is simply true, you are an anatomy of the Universe; no ordinary. These writings are so you know how imperative it is to

“Take off your Gucci Goggles” and see the real. We understand an infantecently small part of the miracle project

that we are all bound to. There is a lot and you’ll never know what enough is.


When you are synonyms with me, you will underatand all that you ever needed is actually YOU !



this and that and pretty lies 



sit with fries!!

Break Free.

You’re gonna be fine, you come from a line lunatics!