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How it all began…

All things are not what they seem and so without looking at the devil or the deep sea; just jumped! Meaning we QUIT WORKING! which by default meant ” How are the bills gonna get paid?” and the larger than life signboard that read “JOBLESSNESS”.

Tossed a few pebbles to see how deep the trouble was. Gee! That was really deep. Deep breath. 

Just as yet, in the swirling we started to be willing to disappear for a while before any limelight and took baby steps towards knowing; watched documentaries on many things, fools and kings and it felt awfully good! The illusion dwindled and the pattern,energy and light mysteriously surfaced.This felt right, ’twas light years travelling from Youtube to “Youniverse

This is simply true, you are an anatomy of the Universe; no ordinary. These writings are so you know how imperative it is to “Take off your Gucci Goggles” and see the real. We understand an infantecently small part of the miracle project that we are all bound to. There is a lot and you’ll never know what enough is.

 When you are synonymous with us, you will understand all that you ever needed is actually YOU!


Hit snooze and keep your dream alive.

I don’t understand why we pacify and reduce those dreams to its nothingness, shrugging shoulders “Oh It’s just a dream!!”  Whyyy? Why do you encourage it to let go? Why are you in no certainty about the interpretation of your dream?

Fear is a booming industry!

What’s happening in the Middle East is portrayed as devastating; I have nothing to say other than it’s a holographic insert! Like a 3D experience, not really realistic; what’s really realistic is, it’s a Giant driven by your fear, chaos, and violence.

Light, you just cracked my halo!

What if when we die , at the end of the tunnel we see light and just being pushed out of another vagina? What a big prank if this is what it is!

“There are some socks that shouldn't be washed by your mom.”

When you masturbate, that serpent turns inch by inch into a powerful psycho transformer juicing every ounce of energy from every cell in your body, consuming all focus and overpowering every vibe for a great apocalypse, YOUR END!

Feel their conversation and the Earth!

Genie tells Becky to feel their conversation and the Earth. We are all a connect, we are bound by destiny, for now you are the connect to your babies and after their birth, they are meant to connect with mother Earth. It’s an infinity loop!

Empty your mind, be formless, be shapeless. Be water

Scientists tell us that water is the original substance from where life began. Even the sexual outburst results in water. Every seed, every embryo begins its life exclusively in water

Bare necessities

You will break through what feels like cement blocks. Layers of yourself that have held you down but to what height are you willing to push your consciousness to understand?

Math: language of the Universe!

Nobody is ever taught that Math and science is the language of the universe; the language of reality. Nobody is taught that phi and pie are the numbers that are out of this dimension.

Its a panoramic view,don’t crop it!

E=MC2 was owing to Albert Einstein looking for divinity in light!

A story from a point smaller than an atom to bigger than a galaxy

This is an attempt to merge a rigid dichotomy between science and mysticism.A story of creation from a point smaller than an atom to bigger than a galaxy

The audacity of personal pronoun

“You are energy” atleast once you would have come across this reflection and you still buy Red bull??

Reality. A million dollar show!

Watch above and the same happens below; feel inside you, same happens outside you. Reality. A million dollar show!

Poverty.Fat books, big views and bold graphs!

Shut those fat books, big views and bold graph! Poverty is only a set up. Don’t hype it, don’t focus on it!         


Truth is men and women are not equals but equal parts of one union which makes them different. Not better or worse-just different


It’s the nature of a difficult time to never end in a heart break. So the cycle is BREAKDOWN-BREAKOUT-BREAKTHROUGH!  Are you willing??


It’s wicked that the heart’s striking feature doesn’t strike you! Brain has divisions to it but heart is an epitome of Unity.


  “Working is the worst way of making Money!” I read this and it got me startled. Turned around to ask…


“I loved the idea of being a Mountain until I learnt how powerful a flowing water can get”. He said, ‘only DEAD FISHES go with such flow’….